Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the new 8.2 cinematic “Safe Haven” featuring Thrall and Saurfang.

Saurfang arrives to the fields of Nagrand in Outland in search of his old friend. Thrall has settled back with his family in Nagrand all this time living a farmer life, secluded from his former life in Azeroth.

Thrall makes it clear he won’t lead the Horde. Saurfang didn’t ask him to, but expects him to fight for the Horde. Suddenly, both are ambushed by a couple of Forsaken rogues.

They are quickly defeated, and Thrall blames Saurfang for being followed. Saurfang looks at him and pauses for a few seconds before correcting Thrall. Saurfang was not followed. Saurfang followed them here.

The realization hits Thrall like a brick thrown at his face. Sylvanas sent Forsaken to kill Thrall and his family. She is cleansing potential leaders who could lead a rebellion against her.

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