Your Covenant Daily Quests now appear in the Map allowing you to find out from any location they are available.

The Night Fae daily quest “Training in Bastion” sends you to complete 4 World Quests in Bastion with your trainee. You are rewarded a Tribute of the Grove Wardens (Treasure chest).

There is another one titled Challenges in Maldraxxus where you have to complete any of three challenges to be rewarded a Tribute of the Wild Hunt.

The Night Fae Covenant Soulshape’s Flicker ability now allows you to teleport 15 yards (before it was 10 yards). It has a 4 seconds cooldown.

New daily Quest: Soul Salvage.

You can now switch your Covenant. New quests are now marked in the map in Elysian Hold (Bastion), Seat of the Primus (Maldraxxus) to switch Covenant. I’m currently Night Fae. The Revendreth location is probably not marked because you need to unlock access to Sinfall by completing a portion of the zone questline.


World Quests are now scaling properly. My current iLevel is 136. World Quests are giving iLevel 141-145 gear.

Anima is rewarded by some World Quests which you can deposit in your Anima Reservoir at your Covenant hall.

Night Fae Covenant Campaign: Drust to Drust

Chapter 5: Drust to Drust is now available for testing. I will record it this evening. Follow @blizzplanetcom for updates when the video is available.

New Questline: Request of the Highlord

New questline appeared in Oribos by Tal’Inara. He wants you to talk to Bolvar Fordragon. I will record this questline soon. Stay tuned.

Visit the YouTube page to watch 1080HD and Fullscreen.

Ethereal Vendors

The ethereal vendors have been moved around a bit in the Hall of Curiosities (Oribos). The Transmogrifier and Void Storage used to be in the right-corner — a bit to the right from where they are now located.

The Maw

Ve’nari now offers Daily Quests at Ve’nari’s Refuge.

Legendaries Runecarver

The Legendaries Runecarver allows you to pick from a random Anima Power, and add two runes. Thus, allowing you to customize your Legendary item: ring, necklace, cloak, or gear.

Shadowlands Intro Questline

I created a character copy (now available in Beta) of my character in Live servers. I played the first quest that pops onscreen when you login into Shadowlands on Day One, and took the portal to Icecrown Citadel.

Bolvar, Darion, Tyrande and Calia Menethil now have voice over lines. Others are still missing: Lor’themar and Genn Greymane.

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