Wanted: Kliaa’s Stinger

Posted by Dyuna: A vicious queen swampfly has made the northern forests of Shadowmoon its home.

Unfortunately, this poisonous pest now terrorizes the main trade route between Embaari Village and Shattrath. As local traders put their lives at risk, prices of goods will continue to rise.

Anyone who can put an end to the beast should detach its stinger as proof and bring it to Dyuna in Embaari Village. The merchant traders will reward generously.


Quest Objectives

Kill Kliaa and bring its stinger to Dyuna at Embaari Village.

Suggested Players (3)




Dyuna: Word around town is you’ve been hunting Kliaa. Any luck?

By the elders of Karabor… that thing is huge!

Our trade routes will be safe once again. Well… as safe as you can be running through the northern forests.

Well done, (class)!


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