While visiting Orgrimmar with a pre-made character, I was greeted automatically with the summon quest asking you to visit the shaman standing next to the Cataclysm portals in the back of Orgrimmar. He asks you to look into the water jar to witness a vision of Thrall in the Maelstrom. An in-game cinematic plays. All of this is normal since the Cataclysm expansion launched. However, I noticed something new particular to PTR 4.1.

After grabbing the quest “Into the Maelstrom“, and entering the portal to the Maelstrom, I noticed the loading screen now shows a custom artwork of the Maelstrom. Immediately, I checked up live servers and the loading screen shown is still the default Gryphon rider artwork. I don’t remember well if there was voice over before, but now Aggra has voice over while riding players down the Maelstrom into Deepholm. The video below shows this.