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Class Champions

As you wander your Class Halls, you can also expect to see Class Champions within the space. Class Champions are a very different breed from the Garrison followers you may be used to from Draenor. They are typically much bigger figures. Some of them leaders of a faction on their own right, and they have a lot more personality. You are going to unfold their backstories over time as you interact with them, and you are going to see them in the world a lot more significantly than you did your followers in the Garrison.



Within your Class Halls, you are also going to be interacting very regularly with your scouting map. This is a new portal to content for Legion. You are going to go to it initially to choose which zone you want to start your questing experience in, but it’ll also be going to continue to expose new content to you over time deep into the max level experience. So you will be coming to it very regularly.



Class Content

There is also going to be a fair variety of different types of Class Content you can expect to see within your Class Halls.

Some of that takes the form of those major artifact plans that I mentioned earlier that will unlock new appearances for specific weapons, but there is also intermitent little flavorful things for specific classes.

There are demon hunting quests, and pick pocket quests that you can expect to see. I’d like to guess you know which classes those go with.



Class Features and Bonuses

We also have a very large variety of diferent features and bonuses that we are putting inside these Class Halls. Some of them shared among many classes like Armor Stance, to let you show off previous armor sets you have gained from other raid content; but also a variety of larger more functional features.



The Hunters have a lodge in High Mountain, where they have a special relationship to the giant eagles that are in that space, and the giant eagles give them access to a special flight network that no one else has

The druids of Dreamgrove, they have access to the dreamway which is a pathway to the Emerald Dream, or I guess more appropriately the Emerald Nightmare, at this point — that let’s them reach many other natural places around the world very quickly.

In warriors, in their Class Halls, they have an Arena where they can spar with NPCs and warriors for bragging rights.

So really this expansion you kinda have two different social locations. You have got your Class Halls where you can interact with other members of your class regularly, and you have Dalaran which is going to have many of the features that you are used to in your cities, like Auction House, Bank, Mail Box, Profession Quests.



Two different places for you to spam “Thunderfury” in chat. So they make getting back and forth between those spaces a little bit easier. Every class is going to have their own kind of a different brand of deathgate to let them get to their Class Hall quickly, and back to where they came from afterwards. So in the case of Hunters, it is a giant eagle that comes and picks you up and takes you back and forth.

So … that’s Class Halls.

I have been talking to you a long time, and we have got a lot of more things to share with you today. So I am going to go and pass this off to Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus).


Browse these pages:ArtifactsArtifact PowerRelicsUpgrading ArtifactClass Halls
Class ChampionsDemon HunterClass ChangesProfessionsItemization