This is a transcript of the panel discussing Artifacts, Class Halls, Relics, and more.

Presenter: Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Legion game systems panel.

Hello, BlizzCon 2015! Welcome to the World of Warcraft game systems panel. We have an hour long information overload that we are going to do for you, and hopefully we have enough time to do it, so we are starting right away.

Today we are going to talk to you about Items. We are going to talk to you about Professions, Classes, the Demon Hunter; but first Mr. Craig Amai is going to walk you through Artifacts and Class Halls.



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Warlock Artifact: Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester

Craig: Hello, BlizzCon! Everyone having a great time today?

(Crowd: YES!!!)

Craig: Awesome! So my name is @Craig_Amai. I am the head in the Artifact feature for Legion. I know a few of you probably got glimpses of the artifacts at GamesCom.

What I want to do here today is I want to delve deeper into the system. Kinda show you what it is going to feel to play with an artifact.

To do that I am going to focus in one specific artifact first. This is not that artifact.

BlizzCon 2015 World of Warcraft: Legion Game Systems Panel Transcript


Craig: No, I don’t think that’s going to cut it either. Ok.



Craig: Here we go. This is the Deadwind Harvester. This is a scythe created by Sargeras. Given to the first necrolyte that he sent to Azeroth. Its name and reputation in part by purging much of the life from Deadwind Pass.

Attention Warlocks. You are going to hunt down the scythe, and making it their own throughout Legion.



So at the start of the expansion, as a warlock, you are going to get together in the Council of the Harvest, and you are going to open a gateway to one of the Legion’s bases deep within the Nether.

Things don’t go exactly according to plan there, but you manage to steal a little bit of information about some artifacts the Legion knows about back in Azeroth. The Deadwind Harvester being one of them.

So using that information, you go to Duskwood. You follow the trail of the Dark Riders of Karazhan through Deadwind Pass; and you end up uncovering a series of catacombs beneath Karazhan that somehow evaded our notice all this time.



Craig: So in those catacombs, you encounter the leader of the Dark Riders, and you take the Deadwind Harvester for your own. From the moment you have your hands on the scythe, you are going to start feeling its effects in combat.

This is a soul-stealing weapon. So every time you kill something, the scythe surges with power and your spells do increased damage for a time.

On top of that, the souls within the scythe are kinda restless. So every now and then, one of them will try and break free and escape; and you can easily reap that soul, and get the same benefits as if you had killed something fresh. So that is our way of kinda reinforcing the fantasy of the weapon, but also as a mechanic that can help you out in certain environments like the Arenas and Raid Encounters where we don’t really have many things to kill.



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