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Matt: Alright. Thank you Paul. So coming into Legion, our main goal for itemization was to bring excitement back into the world and one of the ways we did this is, we went back to a system that we used to have in WoW; and we thought what would happen if we took it and put it into Legion?

So maybe these items would look familiar to you, guys. These are all classic items. Freezing Band. Cloudkeeper Legplates. Cloak of Flames. So these were rare world drops; and we said: “This is a system that we want to take in.”



World Drops

So what would these look like in Legion? So these are items that are rare. They drop from anywhere in the world. So if you remember back to classic, you may have only seen one or two of them as you were playing through.

We want to make sure that the power of these are actually relevant through the expansion, because they are rare, and they are hard to find, you want to make sure when you get one — it’s actually something you might want to keep and hold on to throughout the expansion.



… and finally, we want to kinda expand the unique effects that were there in classic and you saw a lot of role-specific effects, or something that was very specific to a more utility-based.

We actually want to do effects that are role-based or class-based, or even spec-based. So if you go back and you think about how it was like in 2004, you needed some epic items, right?

They stood out. You maybe had some full set of blues, but purple items were really hard to get and hard to see, so what would this look like in Legion?

It would look like this:



So yea, that’s a legendary. This legendary actually has an effect on it where your damage-over-time effects and healing-over-time effects have a chance to do their full duration of the effect that’s left every single tick they go through.

So yea, it’s pretty big. So if you are an affliction warlock, if you are a resto druid, this item is amazing. If you are not one of those people, maybe one of these. Maybe one of those. Or maybe one of these. We are going to try to make a lot of these, and actually spice up the item game a little bit more. All the effects. We are still working on them, so… kinda like a preview taste.




I should also mention too, when we say that they are rare, it doesn’t mean that they are fully random; and I think that’s one of the things that we wanted to fix when we looked at the original system.

For Legion, we have better ways for you to find them, we’ll have ways that you can target specific ones. We’ll have more details about that in the future.

In Legion, every item that drops in the world can actually scale up and farther than warforged. Actually, can scale up to the best items in the game. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: “Oh, I got it. I got to run normal dungeons for 20 hours, in order to get gear,” and that’s not the intent.

The intent is, the best way to get gear is the most difficult content. If you want higher level items, you still got to do higher difficulty content; and also duplicate personal loot can be traded. The way this works is if you have an item that drops at a power level in the slot that is equal to or less than what you already got in the past, you can actually be able to trade with anybody else in the tab list. We hope that solves personal loot.




Let’s talk about something completely different. Let’s talk about transmog. We love transmog, and we knew that there were some problems with it that we wanted to address. Our goals coming into Legion were pretty clear. We wanted to get all those items that were in your bank, and your inventory, your void storage, and we wanted to help you clean those up.

If you are keeping those items around, we want to help with that. We want to expand customization, as well. I think there is always more things we can add, and there is a few more that we might be able to do; and finally: Collection.





My bank, and I think a lot of these guys’ and a lot of you guys — the reason you are keeping these around is because you like the collection part, you like having your Tier 1 (2/2); and kinda checking those things off. So we want to keep that feeling going forward.

We are going to choose the wardrobe. As soon as an item is bound to you, the appearance is automatically unlocked in your collection; and once you unlock it, you can toss the item, you can get rid of it, disenchant it, or obliterate it. Whatever you want to do.

And yes, it is Account Wide! You have to be able to equip the item in order to unlock it, so that means that if you have a paladin alt who needs a plate-chest piece, or a death knight alt that needs a plate-chest piece, you would unlock it with one of them alts, and the other one gets it, too. It’s pretty cool.



This is how the wardrobe looks like:



The left side will look very familiar to you. Kinda where you can see where your items are, like when we transmog. The right side is the new Wardrobe UI, so when you are transmoging at the vendor, you will see this UI.

When you are out in the field you actually see the wardrobe UI, you can keep track of your collection, or what things you want to get. At the top, you can see a bar that says 16 of 527. That’s how many helms this person has unlocked. They have a lot of work to do.



We also wanted to get going back to customization options. One of the biggest pains with transmog is you can’t keep sets together, and it is hard to keep track of which items or where. So we added Outfits to transmog, as well.



Outfits are pretty simple. You can just store what you currently look like as an outfit, but what is also cool is — you can trade, you can actually link that outfit to other people, and so they can take up your outfit, even if you don’t have all the appearances unlocked, it actually gives you a little bit like a shopping list, to find those things in the future.

I am not done. When you log into Legion, every item that is in your bank, your void storage, your inventory, they will automatically be put into your collection. Assuming they are bound to you. We are also going to go back and look at every quest that you have ever completed; and we are going to unlock that appearance. That includes items that you might not have even chosen.

So if you had a choice between the chest piece, or the shield, we are just going to unlock both of them for you.

Alright … still not done.

You are also going to save different outfits per class specialization. Let’s say you play as shadow priest, and holy. Whenever you change spec, you can save completely separate transmog looks and whenever you change specs they keep up with you.

Still not done.

You can actually hide slots. If you want to hide your cloak and your helm, you can actually save that out per outfit. If you want to keep the pirate hat, you can keep the pirate hat; and in that outfit, but not in your other outfits.

We are also allowing you to hide shoulders in Legion.



Alright. Still not done.

Three new transmoggable slots. First one: Weapon Enchants. Including Warlords illusions. You can now get through those.



Or unlocking shirts.



And finally, we are unlocking tabards.



We are really excited about that. Alright, guys! Thank you so much. We are out of time today. As much as we could fit in. Please, send us feeback of everything you have seen. Thirty minutes from now on this stage we are doing a Q&A. We are going to answer all the questions you guys have submitted already, and the ones submitted online. So thank you very much. Have a great BlizzCon!




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