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Class Halls

Craig: I agree. My team is also helping up with Class Halls for this expansion. So I have got more details to share with you today.

Class Halls — we may have also heard them referred to as Order Halls sometimes. They are actually the same thing.

For Class Halls, before I dive fully into some of the things you can expect to see inside of them, I want to talk first about some of the major goals we had in identifying which Class Hall we would give to each class this expansion.

class halls


Craig: Our first goal was that whatever location we show, it’s really important to us that you feel like your class feels like you are inside of it. You feel like a warrior, a mage or a warlock in that space; and that really is to say if you think of a place like Fray Island for warriors — it is a place that is very significant to warriors that have been around a while as a place where they got their Berserker stance originally. It has got a lot of significance to them; but Fray Island is ultimately a desert island with some wooden buildings on it. So it doesn’t quietly meet the cut to what we are trying to achieve with Class Halls. So we want you to feel more like a warrior when you are in that space.

Our second major goal was that whatever groups we were going to bring together around these Class Halls they should welcome in the greatest breath of class fantasy possible into that space.

Using warriors again as an example, some warriors see themselves as the barbarian or the berserker with rippling muscles, solving their problems with strength instead of words. The warriors see themselves as the gleaming knight in silver armor, crested shield fighting for what is right.

Other warriors see themselves as the grizzled veteran of the battlefield fighting with dual-blades and all of these are absolutely warriors. Make sure all feel at home within the space. So we want to make sure whatever groups are bringing together they do that. They bring them all in and make them all feel like a part of this effort.

Lastly, these warriors are forming around the threat of the Legion. They are stepping up when the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde are rising and they are fighting the demonic hordes. They are acting on the front lines. So the groups we are putting forth for this is really critical that they have every reason to be that force that stands against the Legion. That again spells the difference between old groups you may recognize and the new groups we have put together to focus on these efforts.



Craig: I have to warn you guys ahead of time. I am not going to be able to show you every single Class Hall during this presentation. I really want to, but I cannot.

We have too many awesome things to talk about today. So I am going to show you one Class Hall. I am going to talk about how we identified the location, and I am also going to give you some glimpses of a few others as we talk about the features you can expect to see inside them.

So do we have any druids in the audience today? Hello, druids. Druids are one of the few classes that kinda have a Class Hall already. Moonglade is one of the very first places we thought of when we were trying to identify all the locations for all the other classes; and Moonglade, it’s very close to hitting some of our goals up there.

It welcomes in a very large variety of druids, and I can see the forces of Moonglade sending against the Legion. I think I can do a better job immersing druids in nature. Surrounding them with the natural elements you would expect from being a druid.



I also think that it can create a better hall for cat druids and bear druids. It could shield the influences of the Emerald Dream better around there. It is something that is very critical to the druid fantasy.

There are some opportunities, but it gets close. Moonglade is right there. At the same time, we have a unique opportunity in this expansion. We are going to the Broken Isles. We are going to the forests of Val’sharah, where druidism was essentially foreign within Azeroth. To a place where many of the most ancient night elves and tauren basically invented the class for us.

We decided this expansion, we are going to give druids The Dreamgrove. The Dreamgrove is a place where the fabric of the Emerald Dream and Azeroth is at its thinnest. You can feel the influence of the Emerald Dream all around you. It is a secret — well, not so secret now that I am telling millions of people — it is a sanctum for druids only, that no other classes are allowed into.



It is a place where we can accomplish a lot of those things that we couldn’t in Moonglade to fully surround you with nature, and give a home for some of those other aspects of druidism in a more direct form.

This is going to be where druids are going to call home for this expansion. Dreamgrove.


Empower your Weapon

Let’s talk really fast about some of the other features you can expect to see in Class Halls. Some of the things you can expect interacting with really regularly. Within your Class Hall you are going to find a special shrine or altar that you bring your artifact to to unlock new traits and swap appearances. Takes different forms for each class.



For druids, it takes the form of a tree that grows in front of you. Forms a pool of water. You lay your weapon upon it. You can modify it.

In the case of Shaman, it is an altar in the prescipice of the Maelstrom. It is struck by lightning when you place your weapon down.


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