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Demon Hunter

Jon: Thank you, Craig and hello to you all beautiful people. Now before I get rolled in here, let me just ask a question. Is there anyone here who decided to play the Demon Hunter? Alright, me too. You can actually go play it right now. What are you guys doing here?

So let’s just dive in. What is this class about? Well, the Demon Hunter is a dark hero, and I mean, these guys sacrifice their souls just to fight a threat that most people don’t even know exist. They are a melee class, they wear leather armor (umm … not often on the shirt area), and they take the weapons of the enemy and they use them against them.

So warglaives. Fel magic. Sculpted biceps. Everything, and they look good. And speaking of, let’s just talk a little bit about character customization. You can see you can choose your horns, your blindfold, your tattoos, custom skin textures, all that stuff on top of your regular customization options too. I don’t think a lot of people have noticed yet, is we did actually rewrote and record new Voice Over (VO) for Demon Hunters, and that stuff like /train, /flirt and /silly; and unlike me, some of them even sound funny.

So what is the point of looking good if you can’t kick some ass? Right? Havoc.




This is the fast-paced melee DPS spec with an emphasis on mobility, and their motto is fight fire with more fire.



These guys, they have their own custom resource: Fury, and I think if I were to describe Fury I’d say it is like Rage, but you know — you are throwing a little bit of smoldering hatred and a splash of purple, and voilá; but really though, it is your classic build expender.



You build it up with small attacks, and use it in the big attacks, pretty straight-forward. So let’s talk about how you build Fury.



So first step, Demon’s Bite. I just want to kinda highlight some of these abilities here. It actually generates a random amount of Fury, and then you have got its big brother here: Chaos Strike. This is your spender, but the cool thing about Chaos Strike is that it doesn’t actually spend any Fury when you Critical Strike with it. So between those two abilities, you have a lot of variation in your core combat.

Just enough to keep you on your toes, and then lastly here Throw Glaive. This is your ranged attack. Its Fury cost has actually been replaced by a short cooldown so you can always use it at the beginning of a fight. In addition, there is no minimum range and it can hit multiple targets. So lot of places you might actually end up using that.

I have got a small video I want to show you guys. It just shows off some of these glaive animations and there is a cool attack right at the end.

That last ability is called glaive dance. Right now it is a talent. Although we have been talking about maybe moving that to core functionality.



We had talked about mobility earlier. Let’s dive into how we actually accomplished that for the Demon Hunter.

First up, we have got Double Jump. This one kinda speaks for itself, but then we have got Double Jump’s buddy; and that’s Glide. You can think of this as your own personal Goblin Glider, but with demon wings; and the cool thing about both abilities is they can be activated with a jump key, so they aren’t taking any space in your bar; and then lastly Vengeful Retreat and Fel Rush.


These clearly have a lot of damage, and utility. You can use them in regular combat, but two things to know is that they don’t require target, and they can be done while you are in the air.

I just want to show you guys how you would move around with these when you are outside of combat.



Fel Magic, yea. This is where we are getting into some real power. The real punch. First up, you got Chaos Nova and this is your new clear-level CC AOE stun. Five seconds. Has a big chunk of damage on top just as a nice little kicker.

You got Eye Beam. This is a very powerful frontal cone attack, little bit of a skill shot, there is about a 2 sec channeling and you can’t move, and you can’t rotate, and it’s got pretty good range.

Then lastly, Consume Magic. I would call this a medium range interrupt, and a little bonus on this is when you interrupt someone you get a full bar of Fury, and you can do whatever you want with that. Treat yourself.



I have a video for Eye Beam. Let’s take a look at that.



When Metamorphosis, that beam comes out and murders everyone. It starts with this epic leap, slams down on the ground and (you transform in the air by the way) stun everybody around you, your damage is increased, Fury is coming in hot, and — oh yea, you have a 100% life leech while this is active; and what that means is that you get a ton of defense ability, but it is through offense, which is very much the Demon Hunter vibe.



Let me just show you guys that leap we are talking about real quick … and roll it. By the way, I don’t know if you noticed at the end, you keep all your mobility in that form, obviously. You get wings, that makes sense right?

Spectral Sight. This is the ability that let’s you see through your Demon Hunter’s eyes (err, eye sockets — I guess) and what that means is that enemies can’t escape your gaze; and you can see through invisibility and stealth and even through physical barriers; and just so you know what I mean by that last part — I do have another video.




By the way, that ability is available for both specs. The second spec we talked about is Vengeance. Little bit of bad news is that I haven’t got a lot of abilities to show you, or like really heavy-duty details because it’s still in development, but there are a few things I can talk about.

First up, this spec is like a Demon Inquisitor, which means they really master the art of extracting information from the enemy, and they do this by inflicting pain through fire. You have got flame whip, you have got fire brand, immolation or curse; and in doing so with this close proximity to demons, they have also picked up a lot of protective spells. Some of those are disruptive, some of them protect the Demon Hunter, some of them even protect other people; and on top of that we have the glaives.



And lastly, they of course have their own metamorphosis, and this is going to be very different from the other one. This will be a very strong defensive cooldown — not necessarily tied to offense because you don’t have this option to tank.

It’s almost like an unmovable object. What is really great about this form is that it lends itself naturally to allow a lot of modifications for talents, artifact traits and the like; and that is unfortunately all I have for you guys today; but I’m going to pass it off to Kris Zierhut and he will talk to you about all the rest of the classes.


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