One of the random daily quest sub-zones is the Ogudei Ruins found beneath the mining tunnels near Lion’s Landing in Krasarang Wilds.

Priorities People!

Marshal Troteman: When I ordered the excavation of the tunnel to the northwest, I thought we’d find something useful. Gold, Iron … anything!

Instead, we found mogu artifacts, and I get a bunch of dwarves from the Explorer’s League to baby-sit.

I hear from the soldiers that there’s trouble in the mines. I have orders from Wrynn that I have to support the Explorer’s League, but I can’t spare any troops. Can you get down there and find out what’s going on?


Meet with Hilda Hornswaggle at the Ruins of Ogudei.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Oi! We got a right nasty problem here. Kicked the hornet’s nest. Except these are mogu ghost hornets with a mean streak a bloodly mile wide!


The Spirit Trap

Hilda Hornswaggle: In the ruins there are a bunch of right nasty blue crystals. Look at ’em the wrong way and bloody angry ghosts run out at ya.

I’m gonna be needing ye’ to go in and clear some of them out so we can get our people back to work.


Destroy 3 Spirit Traps.


Note: These are located on the second floor downstairs. Usually inside the small deadend caves by the corners. They are floating blue crystals. When attacked, they randomly shoot a bolt on the ground to draw a rune. From the rune spawns a Howling Spirit (ancient mogu ghosts). Best way to handle this if you are ranged dps is to stand at max range and shoot. These spirits don’t have a long aggro range, and will just stand by the crystal.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Those things are nasty! Thanks for takin’ care of ’em for us.


Shackles of the Past

Hilda Hornswaggle: The mogu are a bunch of right bastards!

They enslaved the pandaren who worked these caves even after their death. Ye’ gotta go free their spirits! It’s just not right.

Be careful though … so much trauma, they don’t know what’s a friend and what’s an enemy. So they’ll probably fight back.


Free 14 Troubled Slave Spirits.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Ye’ did good work out there. It’s not right seein’ the dead unable to rest like that.


Eviction Notice

Hilda Hornswaggle: The bloody Reliquary’s snuck into the ruins. They’ve taken the lower section and are conducting all kinds of magical shenanigans down there.

It’s time we gave ’em an eviction notice, in the form of your boot in their rear!


Kill any 12 members of the Reliquary in the Ruins of Ogudei.


Note: The entrance to the Reliquary is next to the stairs. Pull them to safe distance. There are patrols of two mobs. Reliquary Blood Knights can self-heal. Interrupt those.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Ha! That should send ’em runnin’ back to Silvermoon with their tail ‘tween their legs!


Oi Ain’t Afraid O’ No Ghosts!

Hilda Hornswaggle: Look. We got a nasty problem here, and ol’ Troteman back at Lion’s Landing’s gonna throw us out of here if we don’t get things under control.

Give us a hand, please!


Kill 12 Spiritbound Mogu.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Alright! We’ll be back up and runnin’ in no time!


Ogudei’s Lieutenants

Hilda Hornswaggle: When we dug through to an ancient section of the mogu ruins, that’s when all this nasty business went down – and that’s wheer the two worst o’ these ghosties emerged.

We need them gone, friend.


Kill Meng-do, Strength of Mountains, and Gen-li, Twister of Words.


Note: Check out the video for the route to reach these lieutenants. They are on the second floor.


Hilda Hornswaggle: You did it! Good work! Really saved our bacon!

Here’s to hoping those things don’t come back …


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