A new Alpha build hit the servers around 8pm EST. Build 26310 was a 1.7GB download.

Flight paths and Ferry markers in the map have been removed. You might have to go by memory to know where they are.

Maps haven’t been updated. They are still raw satellite-view maps.

There is new content at the north-center river of Tiragarde — east of the Roughneck camp. I saw some Stormsong Valley NPCs there, mechanical scarecrows, and a giant water elemental.

Broken Quests are still broken in this build. These are not patch notes. These are the things I have checked out in build 26310.


  • When turning in Needs a Little Body w/o picking Urn of Voices, Zul phases out. Locking progress on Story Achievement. I had to create a new character last week to complete all of the Zuldazar achievement storyline from scratch. The link takes you to all the quest videos.


In build 26310, these quests are still bugged, and can’t be completed.

  • Backup While I Pack Up
  • A Marine Out of Water
  • Deadliest Catch
  • A Bad Deal

VOL’DUN is still closed. You get teleported out.

STORMSONG VALLEY is now open for testing. Some areas are still incomplete, and there is no apparent way to start the Stormsong and Dance Achievement storyline.

Usually you would get the beginning of the questline from the Alliance Boralis Hub Inn from the interactive map where you previously chose to go to: Tiragarde Sound or Drustvar. Considering the last achievement quest is bugged (A Deadly Catch), maybe you can’t trigger going to Stormsong until you get the achievement completed.

Nevertheless, there are some quests in Stormsong Valley by the center, and also to the west.


Not all of Stormsong Valley is populated. You can’t access the Isle located to the northeast. A message pops onscreen that you have difficulty breathing, and the screen goes black. You get teleported back to the shore. The isle in question is a massive fortress at the top of a mountain. The fortress is shaped like a huge cthulhu.


Stormwing Valley exploration video coming up soon. I’m recording it.

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