The Waterlogged Toolbox is sold by Mrrl, and requires Particularly Dense Rock (4), Smelly Pile of Gloop (2), and Extra-Slimy Snail (4).

UPDATE: This guide has been rendered inaccurate. I have discovered that today the requirements to buy Waterlogged Toolbox can be (4) (2) (4). Next day, it might be (1) (2) (1), etc. There is a random-generated value system in place. Therefore, no guide can ever be made. Everyone has to spend several minutes with a calculator to figure out the values needed. I will leave the article as is so that at least you have an idea of how it works. Just don’t follow the instructions. It won’t work.

Mark each of the murlocs with the Target Marker Icons as shown: Mrrglrlr, Grrmrlg, Flrgrrl, Hurlgrl, and Mrrl.

NOTE: Do not stack up on these currency items. They expire within a 1 day timer, and get removed from your inventory.

Buy Flatulent Fish (84) from Grrmrlg

Bag of Who-Knows-What (12) from Flrgrrl

Jar of Fish Faces (12) from Hurlgrl

Particularly Dense Rock (4) from Mrrglrlr

Buy Sweet Sea Vegetable (16) from Hurlgrl

Just Regular Butter (4) from Flrgrrl

Smelly Pile of Gloop (2) from Mrrglrlr

Buy Sweet Sea Vegetable (80) from Hurlgrl

Disintegrating Sand Sculpture (20) from Mrrglrlr

Extra-Slimy Snail (4) from Grrmrlg

Now you can buy the Waterlogged Toolbox from Mrrl. Sometimes you might loot a Strange Volcanic Rock or Strange Oceanic Sediment. These are reagents used at The Laboratory of Mardivas — which reward Prismatic Manapearls and 500 Reputation with the Ankoan / Unshackled.

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