Thrall: We have slowed the Iron Horde down, but this war is far from over… I’ll stay here and continue our efforts to hold back the Iron Horde.

The Warchief needs to know about what we have accomplished here today, and the threat we face in the future.

It is probably best if you report to the Warchief yourself, (class).

Warning the Warchief

Quest Objectives

Speak with Warchief Vol’jin.



Vol’jin: This is more trouble than I first tink. Da Iron Horde be strong, but we are da true Horde, and we be stronger.

I fear this is da start of much bloodshed, before we go ta war, we be needin’ a plan.

Warning the Warchief – Tips

Take that finger off the Hearthstone. Don’t waste your hearthstone cooldown. Fly back to the Shattered Landing (the eastern beach of Blasted Lands). There is a portal to Orgrimmar there, a few steps away from Rokhan, by a grouping of rocks.

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Video found here.


Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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