Gain Renown

As you join the Sanctum, you join a Covenant, a key way in which you are going to progress within your Covenant is by gaining renown.

Renown will deepen your connection with your Soulbinds, it will also unlock a wide range of features, rewards, followers — which we will talk about a little bit, cosmetics, and more.

You will earn Renown by on a weekly basis going out into the world gathering anima — this precious lifeblood of the Shadowlands that every Covenant is starving for, or by going into The Maw and rescuing fermented souls that really rightfully belong in your Covenant, in your realm, but that were instead cast into The Maw, because of how the machine of death is broken.

This isn’t an open-ended grind, this isn’t like artifact power. This is a more metered progression as you are working on behalf of your Covenant; and we are making sure that really from the start the moment Shadowlands launches, we have robust catch up systems built-in whether you are an Alts to some who switched Covenants, or someone who is just late coming to the game, we don’t want you to feel like you are behind or like you have some catch-up calendar; but Renown is a primary way in which you will progress through the systems of the Covenant — including Soulbinds, but also some stuff I am about to talk about next.


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