So on the system side, first off, one of the most prominent immediate things you are going to experience is Soulbinds. Soul Binding is this ancient ritual in the Shadowlands where by two souls can link themselves to each other sharing a portion of their identity, of their memories, and also of their powers; and so as you join a Covenant, you will be able to form soul binds with certain key powerful souls that are affiliated with that Covenant. These will be characters with vibrant memorable personalities. Many of which you will have met while leveling up and while questing through the zones.

So here let’s use the Venthyr here and Revendreth for a lot of these upcoming examples because that’s the first Covenant that we are going to have playable on an upcoming build.

Nadjia the Mistblade, she was a renowned duelist in life, and that persona really shapes all of her abilities, and the ways in which she’s going to enhance your combat abilities grant utility and more.

So what each Soulbind represents as you can see in this slide is effectively a talent tree that you will traverse down as you gain power in your Covenant, you can pick which path you want to go down, customize your gameplay, you customize those abilities to suit your gameplay.


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5. Soulbinds6. Conduits7. Renown8. Upgrade Sanctum
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13. Return to the Maw14. The Road Ahead

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