Upgrade Sanctum

So each Covenant has a Sanctum. Now these are loose inspirations drawn here from things like the Garrisons back in Warlords of Draenor, or the Class Halls in Legion.

Each Sanctum is the base of operations for that Covenant, and this is a place where you are actually likely to begin and end most of your gameplay sessions once you are at max level.

Each Sanctum has a number of features to it that you can upgrade, but really restore it to functionality, because I think what we are going to learn as we have entry through the Shadowlands is that this was a vibrant place that had its own ecosystem and politics and people with various past-times, but all this has been thrown into disarray as a drought plagues the land.

Everything is withering, starved of anima, and chaos really is consuming the Shadowlands; and you as a champion of your Covenant will be working to restore that order, to restore things to how they once were; and that will be largely accomplished by getting anima rescuing souls from The Maw, and restoring activating these structures.

One that every Covenant has is a transportation network. So within your own zone, if you are a member of the Night Fae in Ardenweald, there is a complex route network that let’s you quickly access different parts of the zone.

The Venthyr in Revendreth have a network of blood mirrors that can basically teleport you around.

We want to make it so that particularly something that this is something you are investing in, you feel most at home, most comfortable in your zone if you are a member of that given Covenant, because that is where your powers are greatest, that is where your Covenant influence is greatest.


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