So what does Beta mean? For us, Beta certainly means the game’s not done; but the framework is there, and it’s complete. There shouldn’t be missing pieces, giant missing ones where it’s an entire feature that’s not there, or there’s a zone that’s not yet playable.

While those things are true, we continue to call it Alpha, but we’re getting very close to pretty much the framework all being intact, being present; and so the level cap is going to go up to 60 when Beta begins.

It is also going to be mean a first look at our end-game systems, a truly joining a Covenant, visiting your Covenant Sanctum, playing through that content, playing through our outdoor world max level content, our max level dungeons, our raids, experiencing Soulbinds, and more.

And there is a lot of work still to be done to flesh out the details of these systems, but everything should be there and that’s why we are now calling it Beta.

Now, perhaps most importantly for many of you, this also means a big new invite wave going out that is going to start next week and a process that will continue as we also want to maintain a lot of concurrency on our test servers, so we can get feedback on what zones feel like when there are dozens or hundreds of people in there competing over spawns, trying to do quests together.

So make sure to go to our account options, check your settings there, make sure that you opt-in to Warcraft Beta, if that interests you; and be patient. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get an email from us right away, we will continue to do invites over the course of the Summer; and as John said, of course, this kicks off next week.

So I want to take the rest of our time together just to talk a bit about some of the things that you are going to be seeing as part of that end-game loot.

Some of the systems we haven’t really had a chance to say much about since BlizzCon; and so I wanted to just share some more details and how the designs have evolved since we last discussed them.


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