Next up, we are going to be revisiting the outdoor space of The Maw. So this is really where it all began for us in the Shadowlands. We just saw a couple of weeks ago in Alpha the initial venture into The Maw, the domain of The Jailer as we went in from Icecrown Citadel, not knowing what was going to await us on the other side.

What we found was a horrific array of forces that we can’t hope to overcome. We just barely escaped from the Jailers’ clutches and made it out into Oribos. We could then explore the rest of the Shadowlands.

Well now as we hit level 60, as we are max level with the power of a Covenant behind us, it is going to be time for us to return to this place where it all began. To go into The Maw with the goal of investigating, exploring, trying to understand more of what The Jailer is up to, and how we might fork those plans.

So fortunately, early on in our visits into The Maw, we are going to encounter probably the one singular being in all of The Maw who doesn’t actively want to kill us — at least as far as we can tell. This mysterious broker known as Ve’nari.

Ve’nari is kind of huddled away in a small cave in the outer reaches of The Maw, and you will be able to work with her to investigate and explore, gather precious artifacts and resources from throughout The Maw that will maybe make it a little bit more of a hospitable place for you, give you more information, increase your ability to traverse The Maw, as well as improve your effectiveness in Torghast.

The Maw is really inspired by a lot of our more sandboxy end-game content in the past. Most recently, probably Mechagon from The Rise of Azshara patch that we had in the middle of Battle for Azeroth; but those roots go all the way back to places like The Timeless Isle. This isn’t a place where you are going to bring up your map and see a bunch of world quests and clear direction.

It is more about a loose structure general broad objectives, and then lots and lots of discoverable gameplay.

So we can’t wait to have people jump in here, let us know what you think, and one of the really fun challenges in creating this experience was trying to create gameplay that reflects the fantasy of the space.

You are not welcome here. This is not a place full of flightpaths and Inns to set your hearthstone, and people who are welcoming you at every turn. Everything in The Maw rejects your very existence and presence there.

You do not belong here, and everything you do is under the watchful eye of The Jailer, where if you raise a bit too much of a ruckus, you are making a bit too much noise, fighting too many big champions, calling the henchmen of The Jailer upon you, you are going to be in a bit of a hasty retreat if you want to get out there, and you are going to escape with your life, and your hard won earnings intact.

So I would like to share with you a quick video that is just a look at what The Maw is like in motion.


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