Anima Conductor

Another structure that every Covenant has is something called an Anima Conductor. So as I have mentioned, part of the plight of the Shadowlands is this lack of anima.

Groves in Ardenweald that were once flourishing with magical energy are now desiccated. Withered.

Temples in Bastion lie dormant. Deactivated. The constructs that once guarded them are inactive.

Anima is the answer to all of those things, and so what you are doing as you bring it back to your Covenants (into your Sanctum) is pulling it in a reservoir, but you also have the ability to direct the flow of anima outward toward your zone to regrow, reactivate these dormant parts of the space.

Now what that means in gameplay terms is you can send a stream of anima over to an area which will enable quests, treasures, events, outdoor world content in that area for you based on your choice on a given day.

As you upgrade your Anima Conductor, you will have more options that you can unlock and as you engage in the system in general, you can progress towards permanently enabling and reactivating these spaces both so that you have the content available for you, but also so that you see the world change around you to an extent.

This Grove that once was withered and dead in Ardenweald, will once again be blooming and flourishing with anima energy thanks to your efforts; and the events that are there will now always be up for you as a result of what you have done.


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