Now some other new content. We are going to have coming up our last dungeon that we have not yet revealed. A max level dungeon called the Theater of Pain.

Theater of Pain is a dungeon in the center of Maldraxxus, and it’s an epic arena; and the dungeon takes place during an important event. There is this regularly recurring battle royale effectively.

We are all of that war houses of Maldraxxus send their greatest champions to fight it out and to prove who is the strongest, who is the most powerful of all; because that is a lot of what Maldraxxus is about. It is might makes right — is the prevailing ethos there, and demonstrations of power and military might and cunning.

Now there are particularly complex layers to what is going on right now given the strife that is gripping the Shadowlands that make these particular games perhaps the most important and the weightiest in recent memory; and you find yourself as an adventurer as a party of adventurers plunged into this conflict; and the way that is going to play out is a very non-linear dungeon experience as you choose which of the different factions you are going to engage with first, as we traverse the catacombs, the tunnels beneath the arena.

Ultimately, culminating in a final encounter where we will see if you work well. The five of you can emerge victorious as the ultimate champions of the Theater of Pain; and as with all things in Maldraxxus, the prevailing decor here is super metal, so expect more of that as you enter this dungeon.


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