Vanessa VanCleef: Your skills are… impressive. If it matters at all, I would have taken no pleasure in killing you.

Look, I’m no fool – noone in their right mind would willingly choose death. I’ve yet to see what the others clearly see in you, but hey – At least I know you can fight.

Honor Among Thieves

Rewards: Vanessa VanCleef

Honor Among Thieves


[Vanessa VanCleef] is now your follower.

Honor Among Thieves completed.


Honor Among Thieves


1. For Your Eyes Only7. Honor Among Thieves
2. Pledge Your Loyalty8. Right Tools for the Job
3. The Hand of the Uncrowned9. Something Borrowed
4. A Friendly Accord10. Something New
5. The Dreadblades11. Lethal Efficiency
6. A Proper Induction
Class Artifacts Questlines


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