Marin Noggenfogger: Look, I won’t tell ya how to live your life not for free, anyways – but I will give you one bit of advice – don’t do an ounce of work you can find some sucker to do for you.

There’s a communal, uh… ‘bulletin board’ let’s call it, right outside the Cantrips and Crows tavern. My buddy Nikki can help you get just about anything usin’ that board.

Something New


Quest Objectives

Speak to Nikki the Gossip in the Cantrips and Crows tavern.



Marin Noggenfogger: Oh hey, while you’re there could you let Nikki know she has three days left to pay up? I’m not running a charity over here.



Nikki the Gossip: I don’t know nothin’ about nobody.

Oh, who I am kidding. I know everything about everybody! How’s it goin’, Shadow (name)?

Something New


Something New


1. For Your Eyes Only7. Honor Among Thieves
2. Pledge Your Loyalty8. Right Tools for the Job
3. The Hand of the Uncrowned9. Something Borrowed
4. A Friendly Accord10. Something New
5. The Dreadblades11. Lethal Efficiency
6. A Proper Induction
Class Artifacts Questlines


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