Garona Halforcen: The Legion threatens Azeroth, and therefore our grasp on its kingdoms.

That is where you come in.

You will be our blade that strikes the Legion down – that maintains our control over the world.

However, your blades…

(Garona glances downward.)

… are not sufficient.

We have identified several weapons of power worthy of your duty. Which you pursue is up to you.



Quest Objectives

Select an artifact weapon to pursue.




Note: Only the Outlaw Rogue spec weapon is available in Legion Alpha for testing at the moment of this posting.

Artifact Weapon Chosen: 1/1



Garona Halforcen: I will introduce you to your point of contact for your mission.


The Hand of the Uncrowned


1. For Your Eyes Only7. Honor Among Thieves
2. Pledge Your Loyalty8. Right Tools for the Job
3. The Hand of the Uncrowned9. Something Borrowed
4. A Friendly Accord10. Something New
5. The Dreadblades11. Lethal Efficiency
6. A Proper Induction
Class Artifacts Questlines


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