Fleet Admiral Tethys: I can promise ya a safe journey to Eliza’s position, but once we’re there… well, we both know there be no guarantees.

The plan is simple. We’ll take the Crimson Veil as close as we can get her without being seen and disembark from there.

Once we’re ashore, we’ll board the Horizon’s Edge, bribe her munitions crew to hand it over, and hunt down Eliza and her legendary blades wherever she may be.

Just say the word when yer ready.



Quest Objectives

Capture the Horizon’s Edge and obtain the Dreadblades.



Fleet Admiral Tethys: Just let me know when yer ready. Eliza won’t know what’s comin’ for her!

(Set sail for Azsuna!)

Set sail: 1/1


Discovered: Dead Man’s Cove.


STAGE 1: Maritime Diplomacy – Commandeer the Horizon’s Edge.

Fleet Admiral Tethys: Let’s get a move on! The Horizon’s Edge be just over this ridge.

Crackers: Sqauwk! Taking the ship.



Fleet Admiral Tethys: Aye. You sneak past the guards and make the first mate see our side o’ things. We’ll join you after that. Ah, there she is. Ain’t she a beauty? Good luck out there. I’ll be watching for yer signal.



Tip: The ground is littered with explosive land mines. You can deactivate them. Watch out for the Dreadhounds. They can see through stealth.

Fleet Admiral Tethys: I might’ve neglected to mention that the beach is likely crawlin’ with land mines. Keep yer eyes peeled!



Dreadhound growls.

Dread Crewman: I smell an intruder.

Discovered: The Horizon’s Edge.

First Mate DeGauza: Swab the decks until they shine, ya dirty bags of bones. The Dread Admiral demands perfection.

First Mate DeGauza: How did you get past me crew? Useless, the lot of ya!



First Mate DeGauza: The rest of the Dread Fleet is on its way. What’s yer plan then?

Tip: First Mate DeGauza throws a bomb on the ground every few seconds. Force him to move to the lower level of the ship, and back to the top to prevent the bomb to explode near him. When a bomb explodes near him, he gets buffed and becomes bigger in size and turns red.

First Mate DeGauza: Is that the best you can do? Me deck swabbers fight better!

Note: Around 635K health, he concedes.

First Mate DeGauza: Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse! Fall back to the temple – they can have this pile of driftwood!


STAGE 2: Blood and Plunder – Find the Dread Admiral Eliza in the Temple of a Thousand Lights.

Fleet Admiral Tethys: The Horizon’s Edge is ours, lads! You’ll be findin’ Eliza in the temple ruins ahead. Keep yer wits about ya – her whole crew’s onto us now. We’ll provide naval support as soon as we’re up and runnin’.



Dread Sharpshooter: Keep your eyes peeled. The Admiral is not to be disturbed.

Dreadhound growls.

Dreadhound sniffs the air excitedly.

Discovered: Temple of a Thousand Lights.



Note: There aren’t that many stealth detecting mobs once you reach the top of the ridge. You can ignore mobs and stealth your way to the back by the Sea Giant.


STAGE 3: Eliza’s Gambit – Defeat Lord Brinebeard.

Dread Admiral Eliza: So, you’re the one who stole MY ship and killed MY crew. Release the giant. I have business to attend to within the temple.

Fleet Admiral Tethys: We’ve got yer back. Lead the beast into our line o’ fire!

Note: I didn’t do this in the video, but when you see a large orange circle on the ground, move the giant near it. Seconds later, the area explodes. It’s the Naval support aiding you with volleys of cannonballs to kill the Sea Giant.



Fleet Admiral Tethys: We got the briny bastard. Let him have it!

Fleet Admiral Tethys: Fire all cannons, Fire. Fire!

Defeat Lord Brinebeard: 1/1


STAGE 4: Into the Depths – Pursue the Dread Admiral Eliza into the temple depths.

Fleet Admiral Tethys: Eliza escaped into the temple ahead. We’ll make sure none of her mangy crew follow ya – go get her!

Note: Go to the entrance to the temple up the stairs. Click on the door to “Pick lock”. This next room has 4 mobs. A water elemental is continuously splashing water in a 360 degree rotation. The best course of action is to pull with your gun and run to the stairs to fight them. Use line of sight to force them to come up the stairs.

Dread Squallshaper: None will defy us. Unleash the fury of the tides!



Note: After these 4 are dead, the Water Elemental disappears. You don’t fight him. The doors in the back are unlocked. There are 2 Dreadguards behind the door.

Dreadguard: You fool. The Dreadblades will claim you, too!



Note: At this exact point of the temple there is a sort of crossroad.



Note: To the left is a closed door. To the right you continue down the Temple depths. Go to the closed door instead. Click the door to unlock it with “Pick lock.”



Note: This is a small deadend room. Inside you will find a giant skull named Ancient Skull. Click it to get a special buff — Mark of the Forgone: “Immune to the effects of Dread Admiral Eliza’s Blood Tempest ability.”


On your way out of this room, you will notice a “Waterlogged Chest.” It contains Thistle Tea x 3.



Dread Admiral Eliza: The Dreadblades have claimed the lives of entire fleets alone. Impenetrable fortresses have gushed rivers of blood by their will. To utter their name instills fear in the hearts of the brave.

Pursue the Dread Admiral Eliza into the temple depths: 1/1


FINAL STAGE: Claiming the Prize – Defeat the Dread Admiral Eliza and claim the Dreadblades.

Talgath: Destroy them. Your blades thirst.

Dread Admiral Eliza: It will be my pleasure.



Dread Admiral Eliza: I have already seen my destiny – you are not a part of it!

Dread Admiral Eliza: I am the scourge of the seas, the fear in sailor’s hearts – you are NOTHING!

Dread Admiral Eliza: ENOUGH! I’ll run you through!

Dread Admiral Eliza: Impossible…

Defeat Eliza: 1/1

Claim the Dreadblades: 1/1

Note: Loot the corpse of Dread Admiral Eliza to auto-equip the Dreadblades: Fate (Main Hand) and Fortune (Off-Hand).



Dreadblades obtained: 1/1


Fleet Admiral Tethys: Eliza’s fleet is sieging the temple. Pull the lead out of yer boots and get out of there!

Fleet Admiral Tethys: Ya made it out in one piece! Ah, and ya have them – I’ve seen no finer swords in all me days.



Fly to Dalaran: 1/1


Note: Once you reach Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran, head toward the Violet Citadel — walk to the side of its stairs and head to the sewer entrance. Enter the Hall of Shadows and get into The Hand of Uncrowned’s Chamber of Shadows to turn in your quest.


Lore Backstory

You might have noticed in the screenshot below a figure behind Dread Admiral Eliza. He is named Talgath, and by the way he talked he seems to be commanding Eliza as an ally or a master. His nameplate catalogs him as a demon. Talgath hails from the pages of World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden. He is an eredar, close friend of Prophet Velen. Velen asked Talgath to seek like-minded eredar who were against joining Sargeras. However, Talgath betrayed Velen leading Kil’jaeden and Archimonde to Velen and his noble followers. The naaru spirited them away from planet Argus 25,000 years ago. Eventually, Talgath was who found the renegade draenei in planet Draenor, and who discovered the orcs… bringing Kil’jaeden to Draenor — who seduced Ner’zul, and later Gul’dan to do his bidding.

It seems Talgath is spearheading the new invasion of the Burning Legion, and forging alliances with false promises of power.




Fleet Admiral Tethys: You did fine work today, lad.


The Dreadblades


1. For Your Eyes Only7. Honor Among Thieves
2. Pledge Your Loyalty8. Right Tools for the Job
3. The Hand of the Uncrowned9. Something Borrowed
4. A Friendly Accord10. Something New
5. The Dreadblades11. Lethal Efficiency
6. A Proper Induction
Class Artifacts Questlines


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