A Murky Fate | Stormheim Quests

Morheim Ancestor: You may not know, but you stand upon the grounds of Morheim, home to the greatest warriors of the land. our deeds were great, our valor legendary. It pains me that we see such an end. The creatures set upon us at nightfall. Our men fought bravely, but were vastly outnumbered. Now their corpses lie rotting in the sun, with no burial and no rites. This is not an end befitting to the glorious warriors of Morheim. Make it right, and you will have our thanks.

A Murky Fate


Quest Objectives

Use the Smoldering Torch to burn 8 Decaying Corpses in Morheim.



Stories of Battle | Stormheim Quests

Ashilvara, Verse 1: The writings carried by the priestesses appear to be the first part of an epic powem describing the history of Ashildir, the ancient queen of the Valkyra. If Ashildir has a connection to the shieldmaidens here, you may be able to use that to your advantage. The answer to her involvement likely lies within the remaining text.

NOTE: This item starts a quest. The item drops from a Priestess of Eyir in Skold-Ashil.

Stories of Battle


Quests Objectives

Collect 8 verses of Ashilvara from Priestesses of Eyir in Skold-Ashil.


A New Life for Undeath | Stormheim Quests

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: It seems that you are full of surprises, (name). With the blessing of the Valkyra queen, you have opened a path that will shape the destiny of Azeroth. I invite you to bear witness, for today a new day dawns on the Forsaken!

A New Life for Undeath


Quests Objectives

Follow Sylvanas into the Vault of Eyir.


Becoming the Ascendant | Stormheim Quests

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: It would seem that the engravings depict a rite of ascension, which allows the shieldmaidens to enter the vault. I believe we can use this to our advantage. You must become the next ascendant. Go to the temple and perform the rites. Should you need to wade through the corpses of the shieldmaidens to do so, then so be it. Find me when you have completed this task, and we will take the vault for the Horde!



Quest Objectives

Seek the blessings at the four shrines in the temple at Skold-Ashil, then commune with the statue.


Shielded Secrets | Stormheim Quests

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Our goal lies within that vault, (class). I don’t have time to explain in detail – just know that it is vital to the Forsaken that we succeed. The shieldmaidens have proven tenacious in their defense, but I believe there may be another way in. A chosen few of their order are allowed entrance, and I need you to find out how. In the town I have seen intricately engraved shields which I believe are passed down from these champions. The scenes they depict may be the key to passing into the vault.

Shielded Secrets


Quest Objectives

Examine 6 Engraved Vrykul Shields in Skold-Ashil.


To Skold-Ashil | Stormheim Quests

Nathanos Blightcaller: Thanks to your initiative, (class), the situation at Dreadwake’s Landing is under control. We have no time to rest on our laurels, however – Sylvanas’s mission must still be carried out. The dark rangers are heading up operations in Skold-Ashil from the tower overlooking the river junction. Seek them out there, and see if you can aid in completing this task.

Nathanos blightcaller


Quest Objectives

Meet with the dark rangers in Ranger’s Foothold, outside of Skold-Ashil.

dark ranger


A Gift for Greymane | Stormheim Quests

Gilnean Heavy Explosive: It looks like the Gilnean Infiltrators brought some heavy ordnance to the fight. It’s likely they intend to use them on the walls of Dreadwake’s Landing. If these could be rigged to Greymane’s ship, it could make for a decisive end to his assault on the outpost.

A Gift for Greymane


Quest Objectives

Plant 3 Gilnean Heavy Explosives onto the hull of Greymane’s ship and detonate them at a safe distance.


Dreadwake’s Dilemma | Stormheim Quests

Nathanos Blightcaller: The situation has taken a dire turn, (name). We were unprepared for Greymane’s sudden assault, with only a token force left behind at Dreadwake’s Landing, and we are paying the toll. The beach is now swarming with worgen infiltrators, and if the cannons breach our defenses, they will likely swarm in on us. We’re spread too thin here to take the fight to them, but you could change that. Wipe them out.

Nathanos blightcaller


Quest Objectives

Kill 10 Greywatch Saboteurs or Infiltrators in Greymane’s Offensive.


Clear the Deck! | Stormheim Quests

Nathanos Blightcaller: It is good that you arrived when you did. Our walls can’t take much more of a beating from Greymane’s cannons.

Nathanos Blightcaller: Our mission in Skold-Ashil will have to wait, (class) – for now, we have more pressing matters to attend to. I had just recently arrived with reinforcements for our assault when Greymane’s ship sailed in and began barraging our walls. We deployed our siege weapons, but their ground forces quickly overwhelmed us. If you can get to those catapults and take out the dogs manning the cannons, it may give us the window we need to push the attack!

Clear the Deck


Quest Objectives

Fire 4 Forsaken Catapults in Greymane’s Offensive.



The Dark Lady’s Bidding | Stormheim Quests

Dread-Rider Cullen: It’s a good thing I found you here. We need your help! Nathanos caught up with the dark rangers, who were sent forward aboard the Oblivion on a secret mission from Lady Sylvanas herself! Unfortunately the Alliance caught wind of our plan, and now Greymane is attacking the outpost! We could really use you over there, (name). Just hop on Batsie and she’ll take you to Dreadwake’s Landing!

The Dark Lady's Bidding


Quest Objectives

Meet with Nathanos Blightcaller in Dreadwake’s Landing.


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