Havi: The Tideskorn may be broken, but the head of the beast yet lives. The god-King has breached the gates, where the Aegis will be his claim! You, who have completed trials upon trials, must not let this come to pass. You must claim the Aegis over Skovald’s broken bones! The Halls of Valor await!

The Aegis of Aggramar


Quest Objectives

Defeat god-King Skovald in the Halls of Valor and claim the Aegis of Aggramar.



Havi: A great battle, a greater champion. Yes, you are worthy.

Odyn: Enter Valhalas, champion. The greatest of glory awaits!

NOTE: Havi was really Odyn in disguise all along.




NOTE: You must queue to the Halls of Valor in the Dungeon Finder.


HALLS OF VALOR — Prove your worth and claim the Aegis of Aggramar.

Odyn: Long have I awaited noble champions to enter my realm. Behold! The Halls of Valor! This place will test your mettle and, if you are found worthy, the Aegis of Aggramar will be yours!



Hymdall: I will be the judge now. Drake riders, I call upon your aid!

(Hymdall blows the Horn of Valor summoning Storm Drakes!)

Hymdall: I will bleed the weakness from your veins! Let your worth be measured in blood!

Hymdall: It is I… who am unworthy.


Odyn: You are victorious… But that was only the first of many trials to come. Before you lies your next trial, defeat both Hyrja and Fenryr and you will have proven your worth to me! Many have followed the path you walk before; none have had the strength to persevere.



Eyir: Through great deeds of courage and valor, Hyrja has earned this most sacred of rites. She shall ascend as one of my chosen val’kyr, and her name shall echo in these gilded halls for all eternity.

Olmyr the Enlightened: Are you nervous, Hyrja? It is understandable if-

Hyrja: I am not nervous. Only… excited. All my life has led to this one glorious moment.

Solsten: Spoken like a true val’kyr.

Eyir: I witnessed their deeds in Stormheim. Their kind has no true honor. No true virtue.

Hyrja: I will purge them from these sacred halls myself!

Eyir: The ritual is not yet complete. Olmyr and Solsten will deal with the interlopers.

Solsten: You sully this ritual with your presence, mortals!

Olmyr the Enlightened: The Light shines eternal in you, Hyrja!

Solsten: Hyrja… the fury of the storm is yours to command!

Hyrja: I will not fail you, Eyir! Begone from these hallowed halls! You will pollute these halls no more! I am sorry, Eyir… I have failed you…



Odyn: The mighty Fenryr stalks these grounds. It will take cunning and guile to slay this beast – a perfect test of your worthiness.

Fenryr begins to cast Unnerving Howl!

Wounded, Fenryr retreats to his den.

Fenryr cas Scent of Blood on you! Run!

Odyn: You have earned my blessing champions! I look forward to meeting you within the Hall of Glory!



Odyn: Throughout your trials, you have demonstrated strength, skill, and intellect-traits shared by the greatest of our vrykul kings. Now… you will face them in combat. Emerge victorious, and you may yet claim your prize!

King Tor: I deem you… unworthy.
King Tor: Seems I… underestimated you.

King Ranulf: Your cries of anguish will echo through eternity!
King Ranulf: I embrace the abyss!

King Bjorn: Where they failed, we will succeed!
King Bjorn: You have… bested me.

Odyn: To the victor go the spoils… The Aegis of Aggramar is yours for the taking.

god-King Skovald: No! I, too, have proved my worth, Odyn. I am god-King Skovald! These mortals dare not challenge my claim to the aegis! Give up the aegis or die!

Odyn: The vanquishers have already taken possession of it, Skovald, as was their right. Your protest comes too late.

god-King Skovald: By flame be scourged!

(Skovald begins to cast Ragnarok!)

god-King Skovald: If these false champions will not yield the aegis by choice… then they will surrender it in death!

(The Aegis of Aggramar overloads!)

god-King Skovald: Now the aegis is where it belongs!

god-King Skovald: Burn for me!

god-King Skovald: The aegis goes to its rightful owner!

god-King Skovald: All my plans… brought to ruin…



Odyn: It has been ages since I faced a worthy opponent. Let the battle begin! Yield now… or I will call upon my true power!

(Odyn begins to Shatter Spears!)

Odyn: Let us see if your wits are as sharp as your weapons!

Odyn: Be warned, champions: I will hold NOTHING back!

Odyn: An agile mind is as deadly as the sharpest blade!

Odyn: Enough! I… I yield! You are truly remarkable creatures. As promised, you will have your just reward.

(Work in Progress: Quest is broken. The Aegis won’t drop)


The Aegis of Aggramar


Questline: Maw of Nashal
1. The Warchief Beckons6. Wrath of the Blightcaller
2. Making the Rounds7. The Windrunner's Fate
3. Pump it Up8. A Grim Trophy
4. Side Effects May Include Mild Undeath9. Eyes in the Overlook
5. The Ranger Lord10. Masters of Disguise
Questline: A Trial of Might (Aggramar's Vault)
1. The Ancient Trials6. A Trial of Will
2. Havi's Test7. The Shattered Watcher
3. Ahead of the Game8. A Trial of Might
4. Blood and Gold9. The Blessing of the Watchers
5. A Trial of Valor
Questline: A Trial of Will (Hrydshal)
1. Will of the Thorignir8. Above the Winter Moonlight
2. A Grapple a Day9. Heart of a Dragon
3. No Wings Required10. Wings of Liberty
4. Built to Scale11. Fury of the Storm
5. To Weather the Storm12. Where Dragons Rule
6. Impalement Insurance13. Cry Thunder!
7. Another Way
Questline: A Trial of Valor (Valdisdall)
1. The Trials Continue12. Breaking the Bonespeakers
2. Speaking of Bones13. Waking the Shieldmaiden
3. To Haustvald14. Accessories of the Cursed
4. Turn the Keys15. Stealth by Seaweed
5. The Runewood's Revenge16. A Desperate Bargain
6. Dreaming Fungus17. The Eternal Nemesis
7. Bjornharta18. To Light the Way
8. Lay them to Rest19. Sundered
9. Judgement Day20. Allies in Death
10. Regal Remains21. Victory is Eternal
11. The Runes that Bind22. Paid in Lifeblood
Questline: The Aegis of Aggramar (Halls of Valor)
1. A Heavy Burden5. Break the Spine
2. Knocking on Valor's Door6. Stormheim's Salvation
3. A Familiar Fate7. Aegis of Aggramar
4. Stem the Tide
Location: Tideskorn Harbor
1. Remnants of the Past3. Blade of the Bay
2. Shadows in the Mists
Location: Talonrest
1. Amberblight4. Sabletalon
2. Cut Back the Pack5. Blackcraw
3. Filling our Packs6. Gray Maw
Questline: The Dark Lady's Bidding (Skold-Ashil)
1. The Dark Lady's Bidding6. Shielded Secrets
2. Clear the Deck!7. Stories of Battle
3. Dreadwatch's Dilemma8. Becoming the Ascendant
4. A Gift for Greymane9. A New Life for Undeath
5. To Skold-Ashil
Location: Morheim
1. A Murky Fate

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