[PLACEHOLDER] – In this quest you walk around the ship with Sylvanas and inspect a few things before setting sail. She’s movement impaired at the moment, so relax and enjoy the exposition for now]

Quest Objectives

Follow Lady Sylvanas Windrunner and prepare her ship to set sail.

  • Inspect Catapult: 0/1
  • Salute Forsaken Rangers: 0/1
  • Talk with Dread-Captain Tattersail: 0/1

Making the Rounds



Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Are you familiar with vrykul? Towering, brutish warriors from an ancient stock. Subtlety is not a value they hold in high regard. Their legends speak of the Aegis of Aggramar. To claim it, one must undergo some kind of trial. One must be… worthy. I trust you are more than capable of handling whatever trials stand between you and the Aegis. Truthfully, Stormheim holds another treasure. One that I will be pursuing by my own means.


Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: The new catapults are faster and more powerful than ever before. I have our goblin allies to thank for that.

Inspect Catapult: 1/1


Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Nathanos has been helping me train a new generation of rangers. They represent both our past, and our future. I think often about our future, hero. My people cannot reproduce. Are we not destined, then, to wither away eventually? No. The Forsaken will never stop fighting. Not while I reign. Not when there are still beings out there with the power to stop death.

Dread-Captain Tattersail: News from Captain Dreadwake, my lady. They have found the temple. The Oblivion has landed nearby. They are building fortifications now and will be ready to lay siege at your command.

Speak with Dread-Captain Tattersail: 1/1



Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Good. Send a bat – tell them we are leaving shortly.


Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Do you understand the gravity of our task? If we do not fight for our future, we will not have one.


NOTE: Strangely, completing the quest starts the scenario.


Scenario: The Maw of Nashal

STAGE 1: The Windrunner – Report to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.


Dread-Captain Tattersail: Damnit! We’re sitting ducks out here! Show yourselves you cowards…

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: The Alliance will be upon us soon, and we have nowhere to run. Organize our defenses beginning with the rear. I want bat-riders in the air and catapults at the ready!



Nathanos Blightcaller: My Queen, your safety must be our first concern. Surely we can leave a few ships behind to–

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Do not question me, Nathanos. Now go – make for the Eternity, and bring this hero with you.

Nathanos Blightcaller: Yes, of course. Come along… “hero.”


STAGE 2: The Eternity — Ride with Nathanos to the Eternity and use a Forsaken Catapult to shoot down Skyfire Gryphon Riders.


Nathanos Blightcaller: A single gunship? Are they insane? Gryphons incoming! Man that catapult!

NOTE: Click the catapult in the back of the Eternity ship, upstairs. Hit yellow or red tagged gryphons flying around. Green ones are friendly.


A 7th Legion Battlemage freezes the catapult solid!

NOTE: When this happens, there is a 7th Legion Battlemage behind you attacking the Forsaken crewmen. Kill it, and the catapult thaws and becomes operational again. You get bombarded often. Move away or it stuns you. The Battlemage also casts Ice Storm (5940K damage per tick)


STAGE 3: The Blightcaller: Ride with Nathanos to the Blightcaller and slay incoming 7th Legion forces.


NOTE: Mount Bloodwing, the bat (Nathanos Blightcaller’s pet).



Nathanos Blightcaller: The bold fools are boarding my ship. Come on!



Knight-Captain Brimley: Concentrate fire on the Blightcaller!



STAGE 4: The Black Rose — Ride with Nathanos to the Black Rose and rid the ship of worgen.


Nathanos Blightcaller: We must take the fight to them. But it would be rude to show up without a gift… The apothecaries will have just what we need. Beasts all over the ship! Put them down!



NOTE: After killing the worgen, Abigail the Huntress will start shooting Steady Shot (9,944K damage). Eventually, she disengages to the other side of the ship to cast [Explosive Rounds]. Close to melee range to disrupt this ability.



STAGE 5: Boarding the Skyfire — Ride with Nathanos to the Skyfire and assault the gunship by placing Volatile Flares and slaying Alliance crew.


Nathanos Blightcaller: Filthy worgen… A beast in a hat is still a beast. The mixture in those vials is extremely volatile. Once you pop the cork, there’s no containing it. Place a few vials near their ammunition – before long, the ship will be tearing itself apart from the inside. Meet me on deck when the vials are in place. There is someone here I want to kill personally…


FINAL STAGE: Queen Takes King — Battle Genn Greymane on the deck of the Skyfire.


Nathanos Blightcaller: Slay them all! For the Dark Lady!

Genn Greymane: Monsters! You have no place in this world!

Nathanos Blightcaller: You call us monsters? How rich. Stop holding back, old man! Show us the real you.



Genn Greymane: Rrgghhh… ENOUGH!

(Genn transforms into a worgen)



Nathanos Blightcaller: Ah, there you are!

(Outro cinematic of Skyfire flying away in flames, shaking from explosions.)


Black Rose Apothecary: It worked! He’s alive!

Apothecary Withers: Of course it worked! I’ve woken up things that were twice as dead for three times as long. This one was easy.


NOTE: Genn Greymane doesn’t die in this scenario. He’s later found unconscious near the Weeping Bluffs, at a 7th Legion camp where the Skyfire crashed.


Making the Rounds


Questline: Maw of Nashal
1. The Warchief Beckons6. Wrath of the Blightcaller
2. Making the Rounds7. The Windrunner's Fate
3. Pump it Up8. A Grim Trophy
4. Side Effects May Include Mild Undeath9. Eyes in the Overlook
5. The Ranger Lord10. Masters of Disguise
Questline: A Trial of Might (Aggramar's Vault)
1. The Ancient Trials6. A Trial of Will
2. Havi's Test7. The Shattered Watcher
3. Ahead of the Game8. A Trial of Might
4. Blood and Gold9. The Blessing of the Watchers
5. A Trial of Valor
Questline: A Trial of Will (Hrydshal)
1. Will of the Thorignir8. Above the Winter Moonlight
2. A Grapple a Day9. Heart of a Dragon
3. No Wings Required10. Wings of Liberty
4. Built to Scale11. Fury of the Storm
5. To Weather the Storm12. Where Dragons Rule
6. Impalement Insurance13. Cry Thunder!
7. Another Way
Questline: A Trial of Valor (Valdisdall)
1. The Trials Continue12. Breaking the Bonespeakers
2. Speaking of Bones13. Waking the Shieldmaiden
3. To Haustvald14. Accessories of the Cursed
4. Turn the Keys15. Stealth by Seaweed
5. The Runewood's Revenge16. A Desperate Bargain
6. Dreaming Fungus17. The Eternal Nemesis
7. Bjornharta18. To Light the Way
8. Lay them to Rest19. Sundered
9. Judgement Day20. Allies in Death
10. Regal Remains21. Victory is Eternal
11. The Runes that Bind22. Paid in Lifeblood
Questline: The Aegis of Aggramar (Halls of Valor)
1. A Heavy Burden5. Break the Spine
2. Knocking on Valor's Door6. Stormheim's Salvation
3. A Familiar Fate7. Aegis of Aggramar
4. Stem the Tide
Location: Tideskorn Harbor
1. Remnants of the Past3. Blade of the Bay
2. Shadows in the Mists
Location: Talonrest
1. Amberblight4. Sabletalon
2. Cut Back the Pack5. Blackcraw
3. Filling our Packs6. Gray Maw
Questline: The Dark Lady's Bidding (Skold-Ashil)
1. The Dark Lady's Bidding6. Shielded Secrets
2. Clear the Deck!7. Stories of Battle
3. Dreadwatch's Dilemma8. Becoming the Ascendant
4. A Gift for Greymane9. A New Life for Undeath
5. To Skold-Ashil
Location: Morheim
1. A Murky Fate


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