Vydhar: My roots wither… my branches die… The Bonespeakers, they seek to silence the Runewood. The runestones are the key… Turn the stones… release my bonds…


Quest Objectives

Activate the Runestones within the Runewood.




NOTE: Something I didn’t comprehend right away, and hopefully with this you might remember, you actually have to keep clicking the runestone a few times until mobs spawn to attack you. I clicked them once and moved on to the next runestone — until I noticed there was no progress credit for turning the runestones only once, so I had to go back. These Awakened Stonewarden spawn when the runestone is turn 3-4 times. So make sure to clear the area to avoid vrykul aggroing on top of what you are chewing already (especially cloth players).



NOTE: Some of the vrykul quotes.

Bonespeaker Carver: You could never be worthy!

Bonespeaker Runeaxe: I am not… defeated…

Bonespeaker Runeaxe: A glorious… ending…

Bonespeaker Runeaxe: Your blood will be my war paint!

Bonespeaker Carver: The god-king has already won!

Bonespeaker Carver: Even… the stone… erodes…

Bonespeaker Carver: The spirits serve my will!

Bonespeaker Runeaxe: The crows will feast tonight!

Bonespeaker Runeaxe: Death cannot sate my bloodlust…

Bonespeaker Carver: The Halls will not open… to you…

Vydhar: I can hear… the woods call to me…

Bonespeaker Carver: The runes will break you!

Bonespeaker Runeaxe: I’ll hack your bones to splinters!

Bonespeaker Carver: I will live again…

Bonespeaker Carver: You will never prevail…

Vydhar: Must break free… I can almost feel my leaves…

Bonespeaker Carver: The kings will spit on you, worm!

Bonespeaker Carver: Mine is the power of the gods!

Vydhar: Many seasons have I slumbered. It is good to smell the Runewood air again.



Vydhar: So it was your footsteps I felt upon my woods as the runestones released their grip? You have my thanks, outsider.


Turn the Keys


Questline: Maw of Nashal
1. The Warchief Beckons6. Wrath of the Blightcaller
2. Making the Rounds7. The Windrunner's Fate
3. Pump it Up8. A Grim Trophy
4. Side Effects May Include Mild Undeath9. Eyes in the Overlook
5. The Ranger Lord10. Masters of Disguise
Questline: A Trial of Might (Aggramar's Vault)
1. The Ancient Trials6. A Trial of Will
2. Havi's Test7. The Shattered Watcher
3. Ahead of the Game8. A Trial of Might
4. Blood and Gold9. The Blessing of the Watchers
5. A Trial of Valor
Questline: A Trial of Will (Hrydshal)
1. Will of the Thorignir8. Above the Winter Moonlight
2. A Grapple a Day9. Heart of a Dragon
3. No Wings Required10. Wings of Liberty
4. Built to Scale11. Fury of the Storm
5. To Weather the Storm12. Where Dragons Rule
6. Impalement Insurance13. Cry Thunder!
7. Another Way
Questline: A Trial of Valor (Valdisdall)
1. The Trials Continue12. Breaking the Bonespeakers
2. Speaking of Bones13. Waking the Shieldmaiden
3. To Haustvald14. Accessories of the Cursed
4. Turn the Keys15. Stealth by Seaweed
5. The Runewood's Revenge16. A Desperate Bargain
6. Dreaming Fungus17. The Eternal Nemesis
7. Bjornharta18. To Light the Way
8. Lay them to Rest19. Sundered
9. Judgement Day20. Allies in Death
10. Regal Remains21. Victory is Eternal
11. The Runes that Bind22. Paid in Lifeblood
Questline: The Aegis of Aggramar (Halls of Valor)
1. A Heavy Burden5. Break the Spine
2. Knocking on Valor's Door6. Stormheim's Salvation
3. A Familiar Fate7. Aegis of Aggramar
4. Stem the Tide
Location: Tideskorn Harbor
1. Remnants of the Past3. Blade of the Bay
2. Shadows in the Mists
Location: Talonrest
1. Amberblight4. Sabletalon
2. Cut Back the Pack5. Blackcraw
3. Filling our Packs6. Gray Maw
Questline: The Dark Lady's Bidding (Skold-Ashil)
1. The Dark Lady's Bidding6. Shielded Secrets
2. Clear the Deck!7. Stories of Battle
3. Dreadwatch's Dilemma8. Becoming the Ascendant
4. A Gift for Greymane9. A New Life for Undeath
5. To Skold-Ashil
Location: Morheim
1. A Murky Fate


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