Watcher’s Journal: (The jounral entry appears hastily written.) I do not know what has become of my village. Ever since the mists engulfed the harbor, my kinsfolk have changed. Some have grown violent and savage, while others have fallen into madness. Many have ventured into the mists and have yet to return. In these times, we can usually turn to our leader, Jarl Tarben. Alas, the mists have taken him as well. I do not know what will become of me. For now, I can only stay at my post and remain vigilant.

Remnants of the Past


Quest Objectives

Locate clues to discover the fate of Tideskorn Harbor.



Location: Tideskorn Harbor


Sten’s Log: The mists are having an ill effect on my crew. They have become wild and uncontrollable. They care not for the sea and prefer to bicker and brawl with each other. Kjell, the harbor master, has ordered us to depart for fresh supplies as soon as we are able. I have assigned extra duties in hopes that the work will occupy their time until we ship out. I can only hope that the sea air will calm my crew and return their vigor.

First Clue: 1/1



Sigrid’s Journal: A curse has fallen upon our harbor. Gulls drop like stones from the sky. I saw one fall on a deck hand’s head the other day. It knocked him out cold. Schools of fish rot belly-up in the shoals. Our fishermen have not had a decent catch in weeks and the stench of dead fish is horrible. I have taken on extra shifts in the tower, as most of my watchment have gone missing. I take respite up here, as the foul odor and stale air are not as stifling. The harbor is dead. The mists have choked the very life from it.

Second Clue: 1/1



Kjell’s Requisition: (There is a note attached to a supply requisition.) Harbor Master Kjell. I do not know what foul bane these mists carry, but barely a day after they engulfed the harbor, our entire stock of provisions spoiled. We need to resupply our stock immediately. Dispatch Captain Sten on a supply run as soon as he is able, assuming he can stop his crew from bickering long enough to set sail. In the meantime, we will all have to tighten our belts and stretch what little we have left. Since most of the town has gone missing, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Third Clue: 1/1



Halvir’s Roster: (Most of the roster entries are blank. There is a sloppily written note on the corner of one of the drafts.) Damn these mists to Helheim! Not long after they arrived, many of my craftmen have vanished, and the few that remain have not the sense in their head to work. They act as if they had run headlong into the mast. How am I supposed to get Sten’s ship ready to sail with a sparse bunch of loons at my disposal? I will do what I can to get the ship seaworthy, alone if I must, but I need good men to fill my work roster.

Fourth Clue: 1/1



Location: Helmouth Shallows


Final Clue: 1/1


Havi: Look what the ravens have dropped off.




Havi: Can you smell it, (name)? This place reeks of death.


Remnants of the Past


Questline: Maw of Nashal
1. The Warchief Beckons6. Wrath of the Blightcaller
2. Making the Rounds7. The Windrunner's Fate
3. Pump it Up8. A Grim Trophy
4. Side Effects May Include Mild Undeath9. Eyes in the Overlook
5. The Ranger Lord10. Masters of Disguise
Questline: A Trial of Might (Aggramar's Vault)
1. The Ancient Trials6. A Trial of Will
2. Havi's Test7. The Shattered Watcher
3. Ahead of the Game8. A Trial of Might
4. Blood and Gold9. The Blessing of the Watchers
5. A Trial of Valor
Questline: A Trial of Will (Hrydshal)
1. Will of the Thorignir8. Above the Winter Moonlight
2. A Grapple a Day9. Heart of a Dragon
3. No Wings Required10. Wings of Liberty
4. Built to Scale11. Fury of the Storm
5. To Weather the Storm12. Where Dragons Rule
6. Impalement Insurance13. Cry Thunder!
7. Another Way
Questline: A Trial of Valor (Valdisdall)
1. The Trials Continue12. Breaking the Bonespeakers
2. Speaking of Bones13. Waking the Shieldmaiden
3. To Haustvald14. Accessories of the Cursed
4. Turn the Keys15. Stealth by Seaweed
5. The Runewood's Revenge16. A Desperate Bargain
6. Dreaming Fungus17. The Eternal Nemesis
7. Bjornharta18. To Light the Way
8. Lay them to Rest19. Sundered
9. Judgement Day20. Allies in Death
10. Regal Remains21. Victory is Eternal
11. The Runes that Bind22. Paid in Lifeblood
Questline: The Aegis of Aggramar (Halls of Valor)
1. A Heavy Burden5. Break the Spine
2. Knocking on Valor's Door6. Stormheim's Salvation
3. A Familiar Fate7. Aegis of Aggramar
4. Stem the Tide
Location: Tideskorn Harbor
1. Remnants of the Past3. Blade of the Bay
2. Shadows in the Mists
Location: Talonrest
1. Amberblight4. Sabletalon
2. Cut Back the Pack5. Blackcraw
3. Filling our Packs6. Gray Maw
Questline: The Dark Lady's Bidding (Skold-Ashil)
1. The Dark Lady's Bidding6. Shielded Secrets
2. Clear the Deck!7. Stories of Battle
3. Dreadwatch's Dilemma8. Becoming the Ascendant
4. A Gift for Greymane9. A New Life for Undeath
5. To Skold-Ashil
Location: Morheim
1. A Murky Fate


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