Lieutenant of the Tower | Val’sharah

Maiev Shadowsong: All of your instincts were correct. Gul’dan raised Lord Ravencrest, and his ghostly army from beyond the grave. Now, they serve the Legion, protecting secrets within the tower. Although Ravencrest commands from above, Lieutenant Desdel Stareye operates the prisons. He tormented me these past few moons, but I did not yield.

(Maiev runs a finger along her curved blade.)

Maiev Shadowsong: His life must be ended.



Quest Objectives

Kill Desdel Stareye.


Illidari Freedom | Val’sharah

(The Illidari is bleeding from several ghastly wounds. It appears he was left here to die.)

Arduen Soulblade: Within the prison are three of my… (cough)… comrades. We were taken by surprise while scouting in Azsuna. I am not long for this world, but please, save them.

Illidari Freedom


Quest Objectives

Free Sirius Ebonwing, Cassiel Nightthorn, and Asha Ravensong.


Black Rook Prison | Val’sharah

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: I did not come this far to lose her in the final moments. Maiev must be in the cells beneath Black Rook Hold. I scouted above, and the entrance to the prison is guarded by a fearsome jailor. I will sneak past and take out the guards inside. Defeat Araxxas, take the keys, and then meet me within.

Black Rook Prison


Quest Objectives

Kill Araxxas and collect the Prison Keys.



The Rook’s Guard | Val’sharah

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Black Rook Hold is not the same place I knew. Its walls have crumbled, a ghostly echo of its former glory. If Lord Ravencrest has returned, then surely he will have his former officers at his side. Kester Farseeker, captain of the guard. Trelan Shieldbreaker, peerless swordsman and weaponsmith. Starlys Strongbow, who could split arrows while blindfolded. If we stand any chance of entering the tower itself, they must be eliminated.

The Rook's Guard


Quest Objectives

Kill Kester Farseeker, Trelan Shieldbreaker and Starlys Strongbow.


Maiev’s Trail | Val’sharah

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: The disturbed tomb, demons here at Black Rook Hold, and the enemy night elves are no coincidence. The Legion has resurrected Lord Ravencrest. My former master lives again.

Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest


Commander Jarod Shadowsong: The fortress grounds are just up ahead. There is a large area to search, but if we split up, I believe we can cover a lot of ground. Search the prison cages, the forge, and the guard tower for any signs of Maiev. I will check the upper ramparts and meet you on the other side of the keep.

Maiev's Trail


Quest Objectives

Search the forge, the saber pens, and the guard tower.


Kur’talos Ravencrest | Val’sharah

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Lord Ravencrest was a fearless leader, a seasoned commander, a man of integrity and honor, a teacher, and a protector of his people. Malfurion, Illidan, Tyrande, and I… we were still young when he helped shape our destinies. Let us pay our respects by inspecting the plaque on his memorial, and I shall tell you more of his legacy.

Kur'talos Ravencrest


Quest Objectives

Inspect the plaque on Ravencrest’s memorial.



Jarod’s Mission | Val’sharah

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Since Maiev chased after Gul’dan at the Vault of the Wardens, her sisters among the Wardens have been searching far and wide for her whereabouts. With so few Wardens remaining, I volunteered to join the search. I hope I will find sign of her within Black Rook Hold. The fortress will be well guarded, and I will need help to break through. Help me find her, and I will reward you handsomely.

Jarod's Mission


Quest Objectives

Speak to Jarod Shadowsong at Ravencrest Mausoleum.


Shriek No More | Val’sharah

Cecily Radcliffe: Papa loved this village. He’d never hear of leaving, even in these dread times. Before he died, he told me what attacked him: a monstrous falcon we call Rotbeak. You’re fighting these undead, aren’t you? Will you avenge my father? If so, you can find the beast northwest of here, patrolling our western route to the sea.

Shriek No More


Quest Objectives

Find Rotbeak along the Bradensbrook, and collect the beast’s head.



The Warden’s Signet | Val’sharah

Lelyn Swiftshadow: Windgore! Attack this infidel!

NOTE: This night elf patrols the burning house to the south. She drops an item (Warden’s Signet) which Begins a quest.



Warden’s Signet: The night elf was carrying a signet engraved with the crest of the Wardens. The band, made from a silvery, unbreakable metal, has been worn down by time, as if absently twisted and rubbed against its owner’s finger.



Quest Objectives

Take the Warden’s Signet to Jarod Shadowsong.


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