Commander Jarod Shadowsong: The disturbed tomb, demons here at Black Rook Hold, and the enemy night elves are no coincidence. The Legion has resurrected Lord Ravencrest. My former master lives again.

Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest


Commander Jarod Shadowsong: The fortress grounds are just up ahead. There is a large area to search, but if we split up, I believe we can cover a lot of ground. Search the prison cages, the forge, and the guard tower for any signs of Maiev. I will check the upper ramparts and meet you on the other side of the keep.

Maiev's Trail


Quest Objectives

Search the forge, the saber pens, and the guard tower.



This one met a grisly end. No sign of Maiev here.



NOTE: The next clue is at the tower. Kill Kester Farseeker. The item is on the ground, to his left.

Kester Farseeker: We have secured the walls, demon! You will not escape here alive.

Kester Farseeker: I must… alert… the others…



Stareye’s Orders: “Despite our attempts to extract information, the Warden remains stubbornly resistant.”

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Could they be talking about Maiev?


Warden’s Glaive: 1/1

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: That’s Maiev’s weapon! She was here!




Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Good work, (name). There is no doubt that they have already moved Maiev into the prison cells beneath the tower.


Maiev’s Trail


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