Tyrande Whisperwind: Xavius led Ysera past here, but their destination is unclear. This twisted wickedness smothers my mind! These refugees tell of an ancient Moonwell hidden in the ruins of their home. If it somehow resisted this corruption? I will beg of Elune a vision to give me direction. With her light, I may find my husband yet. Meet me at the Moonwell at once, (race).

Desperate Vigil


Quest Objectives

Protect Tyrande while she holds her vigil at the Ancient Moonwell.



Tyrande Whisperwind: I will need to focus on the vision to understand its message. Make yourself useful and stand guard.

(Yes. High Priestess.)



Tyrande Whisperwind: Do not let anything disturb my meditation.

NOTE: Waves of harpies start coming at you.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I see… swirling red mist. Gnashing teeth.



Tyrande Whisperwind: Malfurion! He is in pain! Keep fighting, my love!

Wormtalon Matriarch: Shred its flesh! Scraaawk!

Tyrande Whisperwind: Such malevolent laughter… Xavius, you cruel creature! I am coming for you!

Wormtalon Matriarch: No… Squaaaggk!

Guard Tyrande During her Vigil: 1/1

Tyrande Whisperwind: His location is still unclear, but he lives. We must go deeper into the nightmare. Wherever he is, peril is already upon him!



Tyrande Whisperwind: He is still alive, but the rest remains to be seen. For your sake, let us pray that he is unharmed.


Tyrande Whisperwind: Meet me back at the refuge and we will continue our search.

Desperate Vigil


Val'Sharah Quests videos
1. The Tranquil Forest3. Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove
2. Tying up Loose Ends4. Nature's Call
Location: Moonclaw Vale
1. Archdruid of the Vale3. The Corruptor
2. Dishonored4. The Nightmare Lord
Location: Smolderhide Thicket
1. Archdruid of the Claw6. Awakening the Archdruid
2. Frenzied Furbolgs7. Out of the Dream
3. Littlefur8. The Demons Below
4. Totemic Call9. Entangled Dreams
5. The Chieftain's Beads
Location: Thas'talah
1. Archdruid of Lore4. Return to the Grove
2. Solid as a Rock5. The Emerald Queen
3. Death to the Witchmother
The Temple of Elune
1. The Temple of Elune 
2. The Tears of Elune
3. Return to Ysera
4. Root Cause
5. Mark of the Demon
Location: Andu'talah
1. Into the Nightmare8. The Heart of the Nightmare
2. Overrun and Overgrown9. Given to Corruption
3. The Demon's Trail10. Close Enough to Touch
4. Or So Help Me!11. The Fate of Val'sharah
5. Wormtalon Wreckage12. Hope Remains
6. Lost in Retreat13. Enter the Nightmare
7. Desperate Vigil
Location: Lunarwing Shallows
1. A Summons from Saylanna3. Thieving Thistleleaf
2. Wrangle the Riled4. Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly
Location: Bradensbrook
1. A Village in Peril5. For the Corn!
2. Children of the Night6. Shriek No More
3. The Farmsteads7. Grumpy
4. A Sight for Sore Eyes
Location: Black Rook Hold
.1 The Warden's Signet5. Black Rook Prison
2. Jarod's Mission6. Illidari Freedom
3. Maiev's Trail7. Brotherly Love
4. The Rook's Guard8. Lieutenant of the Tower

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