Tyrande Whisperwind: The Archdruid’s time has come to an end. All of Val’sharah will mourn his passing. Elothir spent his last energies to learn that Malfurion is being held in Shala’nir, amidst the roots of the world tree Shaladrassil. We are close, but we must hurry. I fear the forest will have much more to mourn before this is over.

Close Enough to Touch


Quest Objectives

Search for Malfurion within Shala’nir.


Tyrande Whisperwind: Talk to me when you are ready to leave.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Are you prepared to enter the epicenter of this chaos, (race)? I will not tolerate faintness of heart now.


(I am ready.)


Tyrande Whisperwind: There is no time to mourn. Elothir is beyond my reach now. Come, and do not delay. Shala’nir is just ahead. You should be ready for whatever foulness awaits us.


Enter Shala’nir: 1/1


Umbraxis the Cruel: Bind him! Prepare him for his corruption.

Malfurion Stormrage: You cannot hold me!

Tyrande Whisperwind: I cannot tell where his voice is coming from! Search the buildings to the west! Now! I will scour the east for signs of him!

Umbraxis the Cruel: Your powers are useless here, Archdruid.


NOTE: Kill the Succumbing Grovewalker (treant) in the Inn.


Succumbing Grovewalker: Chaos… consumes! Could not protect Archdruid… too many!



Inn investigated: 1/1


Tyrande Whisperwind: Where are you Malfurion? Answer me!

Umbraxis the Cruel: Pursuers! Quickly, to Xavius!


Tyrande Whisperwind: Warrior of the Horde! To me! I have found something!


Reunite with Tyrande: 1/1


Umbraxis the Cruel: Bind him! Prepare him for his corruption.

Tyrande Whisperwind: These hoofprints follow the path to the left. After them, quickly!



Tyrande Whisperwind: Malfurion?! Call out to me!

Malfurion Stormrage: Turn back, Tyrande!

Tyrande Whisperwind: Not without you!

Wounded Satyr: You are… too late! Ahahaha… “wheeze” Hahaha!



(Involve Tyrande.)


Tyrande Whisperwind: By Elune, your foulness will be purged from this place!



Wounded Satyr: Agh! He goes with the Nightmare Lord- you cannot stop it now!


Wounded Satyr interrogated: 1/1


Umbraxis the Cruel: You waste precious time, moon-gazer.

Tyrande Whisperwind: You take care of that foul mouthed satyr. I am going to my husband!

Umbraxis the Cruel: You come to your death, fool!



Umbraxis the Cruel: Hahaha…! My work is done. Go, the master awaits!


Umbraxis the Cruel slain: 1/1


Tyrande Whisperwind: Champion, to me! I have found something!




Xavius: Tyrande Whisperwind! I have longed for this encounter for many years. Your adoring husband will be joining me in the nightmare. His was a special invitation.



Xavius: And our dear Ysera! Would you believe she has had a change of heart?



Xavius: She will aid me in my conquest of Val’sharah, starting with your precious Temple of Elune. Such a dilemma, high priestess! Kneel beside your beloved as he draws his final breath? Or watch the temple of your goddess burn!



Find Malfurion: 1/1



Tyrande Whisperwind: This cannot be! Ysera – no!



Close Enough to Touch


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