Maiev Shadowsong: All of your instincts were correct. Gul’dan raised Lord Ravencrest, and his ghostly army from beyond the grave. Now, they serve the Legion, protecting secrets within the tower. Although Ravencrest commands from above, Lieutenant Desdel Stareye operates the prisons. He tormented me these past few moons, but I did not yield.

(Maiev runs a finger along her curved blade.)

Maiev Shadowsong: His life must be ended.



Quest Objectives

Kill Desdel Stareye.



Maiev Shadowsong: Little brother. You came for me. Even after I tried to k–

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Never mind that. I heard what happened in the Vault of the Wardens. Luckily my hair can’t get any grayer. Why did you have to chase after demons alone? Thank Elune you’re still alive.

Maiev Shadowsong: Well said, brother: we have bigger concerns. Let’s go. Stareye has much to answer for.



Lieutenant Desdel Stareye: Lord Ravencrest’s army will purge this land of all you invaders. But you will get no further than me!

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: You always did think too highly of yourself. Another foolish death, then, if you insist.

Lieutenant Desdel Stareye: How dare you attack a kaldorei noble? You will beg for mercy, which I will not give.

Maiev Shadowsong: Begging’s never been one of my talents, Stareye. You should know that by now.

Lieutenant Desdel Stareye: Lord Ravencrest himself gave me this post. I won’t surrender it to you demons!

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: Ravencrest? Impossible! And we’re not demons. Don’t you recognize me?

Maiev Shadowsong: It’s useless, brother. Like the other undead, he cannot see us for who we are.

Lieutenant Desdel Stareye: Lord Ravencrest cannot be stopped We will prevail!

Lieutenant Desdel Stareye


Commander Jarod Shadowsong: What a tragic waste. Even in death, he only wanted to protect our people.

Maiev Shadowsong: Over here! This sewer will take us back outside. We should go before our enemies regroup.

(On the other side of the portal, you can faintly see Ravencrest Cemetary.)

(Leave the Darkpens.)



Maiev Shadowsong: Lord Stareye came from a noble house, but in war, he never came close to Ravencrest or my brother. Now that he is defeated, we can turn our attention to his commander. However, that will be no easy task. We must gather our strength before facing Lord Ravencrest himself.

Commander Jarod Shadowsong: I refuse to believe it. Lord Ravencrest cannot be working with Gul’dan.

Maiev Shadowsong: I do not believe it either, brother. To seek the truth, we’ll have to invade the tower. But it will be no easy task. Champion, return to your other duties for now. When we have gathered our strength, we will face Lord Ravencrest himself.


Lieutenant of the Tower


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