Tyrande Whisperwind: Enter Darkheart Thicket and discover Malfurion’s Fate.

Enter the Nightmare


Quest Objectives

Enter Darkheart Thicket and Slay the Shade of Xavius.



Dungeon: Darkheart Thicket

Darkheart Thicket — Defeat the forces of Xavius at the base of Shaladrassil.

Shade of Xavius: A pity you have come this far only to die at the hands of Xavius!

Malfurion: Your voice is but a whisper in this realm.

Shade of Xavius: Your mind games hold no sway over me, dog!



world of warcraft legion hr line


Location: Sanctum of G’Hanir
Boss: Arch-Druid Glaidalis

Arch-Druid Glaidalis: [placeholder text]



Arch-Druid Glaidalis engages the players at close range by shape-shifting into bear and cat forms, while periodically pulling nightmare stars from the sky and corrupting the ground around them.

  • Everyone: Get out of [Nightfall] quickly to reduce how much nightmare you spread.
  • Healer: Heal targets affected by [Grevious Tear] above 90% of the maximum health to remove it.
  • Tank: Position Arch-Druid Glaidalis so that [Primal Rampage] does not run over other players.

Shade of Xavius: A fluke. Savor it, and pray you do not face me next.


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Location: Miasmic Gorge
Boss: Oakheart

Oakheart: My bark is worse than my bite.
Oakheart: You will be uprooted.
Oakheart: Prepare to become kindling!
Oakheart: I snap you like a twig.
Oakheart: Burn!
Oakheart: I will snap you like a twig!
Oakheart: You have been rooting around here too long.
Oakheart: You will be my camp fire!
Oakheart: It’s time we get to the root of the problem.
Oakheart: I told you to leave me alone…




Shade of Xavius: A pity you have come this far only to die at the hands of Xavius!

Malfurion Stormrage: An empty threat. You hold no sway over this realm, Nightmare Lord.

Shade of Xavius: Bold words for a prisoner. Even an echo of my power was enough to overwhelm you!


world of warcraft legion hr line


Location: Tainted Burrow

Boss: Dresaron



world of warcraft legion hr line


Location: Heart of Dread
Boss: Shade of Xavius

Shade of Xavius: I will break you!

Shade of Xavius: Weak!

Shade of Xavius: For every blow you strike, I will return even stronger!

Malfurion Stormrage: I will help, but you must free me. Attack the roots!

Shade of Xavius: You deserve nothing less!

Malfurion Stormrage: It is time to end this farce!

Shade of Xavius: Farce? Ha! So says the insect to the god!

Shade of Xavius: Don’t act surprised.

Shade of Xavius: This must be some kind of… mistake…



Shade of Xavius slain: 1/1

Malfurion Stormrage: A well-earned victory! We must, however, stay vigilant. Deep inside the Nightmare Xavius remains, unvanquished. The enemy you fought here was merely his shadow.


Shade of Xavius: A shadowy reflection of Xavius’ true power, sits in the hollowed out core of Shaladrassil tormenting the Archdruid Malfurion. If taken to 50% health the Shade of Xavius will begin draining Malfurion of his essence, slowly collapsing Shaladrassil around him. Freeing Malfurion from the nightmare roots that entangle him will force the Shade of Xavius out of his channel and make him again vulnerable to attack Malfurion, once recovered, will then attempt to help you defeat the Shade of Xavius.

Everyone: If affected by [Induced Paranoia] stay away from other players to keep them from taking damage and being feared. If affected by [Waking Nightmare] stand near other players to remove the Silence and Pacify.




Placeholder: You did the thing.


Enter the Nightmare

Apologies — messed up the dungeon run at Shade of Xavius. Went in without reading what his debuffs do killing the tank 3 times. =)


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