The Soulkeeper’s Fate | Highmountain

Apprentice Rosalyn: Soulkeeper Uriah was injured in the kobold attack, but insisted on venturing further into the cave to recover the stolen soul shards. He told me to wait here with our remaining supplies until he returned, but I fear the worst. Please find Uriah. He is the only one who knows how to trap the demons.

The Soulkeeper's Fate


Quest Objectives

Find Soulkeeper Uriah within Mucksnout Den.

soulkeeper urias


Shiny, but Deadly | Highmountain

Apprentice Rosalyn: This road isn’t safe, adventurer. Kobolds attacked our caravan and made off with the soul chambers we were meant to deliver to Allari for interrogation.


(What are soul chambers?)


Apprentice Rosalyn: Soul chambers are brilliant, but fragile gems that can be used to imprison demons. Soulkeeper Uriah and I were in possession of a handful of these shards until kobolds ransacked our caravan. Those mindless vermin have no idea what terror they may have unleashed.


Shiny, But Deadly

Location: Mucksnout Den

Apprentice Rosalyn: Soulkeeper Urian and I were transporting demon prisoners to Allari in Azsuna when our caravan was attacked by kobolds. Those mindless vermin made off with the soul chambers that house our demonic captives. The crystals may be shiny, but they’re also deadly. If they are damaged in any way, the demons trapped within may escape. Head into the cave nearby and recover the soul chambers before it’s too late.



Quest Objectives

Collect Soul Chambers from kobolds within Mucksnout Den.

Shiny, but Deadly


Oh, the Clawdacity! | Highmountain

King Mrgl-Mrgl: The leader of the Cavemoss makrura, Clawdayshus, has been ordering raids into the Cavemoss village to steal the young for snacks. This isn’t going to do at all. In order to prove their power, Murky and the tadpoles must destroy him as well! This is a job for murlocs.

king mrgl-mrgl and murky


Quest Objectives

Kill Clawdayshus.

Oh, the Clawdacity

Reward: Shoulder or Legs (iLevel 750)


Murlocs: The Next Generation

King mrgl-Mrgl: The time has come! Murky and his followers need a place to hide out and train– away from the mature murlocs– so that they can prepare to take over in the future. There’s a nice cave not too far away– only problem is that it’s filled with makrura. This would be a good base for the tadpoles. Murky must go show them what for!

king mrgl-mrgl and murky


Quest Objectives

Kill 10 Cavemoss Clackers.



Rewards — Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh




King Mrgl-Mrgl: This is a job for Murky in order to prove himself. Use his egg to summon him in his final form.






King Mrgl-Mrgl: This cave will make a great base for the young tadpoles!


Murlocs: The Next Generation


Highmountain Quests - Alliance
1. The Lone Mountain4. The Drogbar
2. Keepers of the Hammer5. Dargrul and the Hammer
3. Grasp of the Underking
1. Get to High Ground4. Wrathshard
2. A New Chieftain5. A Sundered Tribe
3. No Time To Talk
1. The Skyhorn Tribe5. Assaulting the Haglands
2. Nursing the Wounds6. The Witchqueen
3. Rocs vs Eagles7. The Skies of Highmountain
4. The Three
1. The Rivermane Tribe9. Moozy's Sojourn
2. Ormgul the Grubmaster10. Moozy's Adventure
3. Poisoned Crops11. Lifespring Cavern
4. Infestation12. Balance of Elements
5. The Flow of the River13. Invading Spelunkers
6. Spray and Prey14. Crystal Fury
7. Trapped Tauren15. High Water
8. Fish Out of Water
1. The Bloodtotem Tribe7. Rite of Blood
2. Witch of the Wood8. Rock Troll in a Hard Place
3. Hags of a Feather9. Pet Rocks
4. I Have a Bad Feeling About This10. Stonedark Crystal
5. An Audience with Torok11. They Will Pay With Blood
6. Cave of the Blood Trial12. Blood Debt
1. Step into the Dark7. Huln’s War – Malorne's Favored
2. Unexpected Allies8. Huln’s War – Stormrage
3. A Walk with the Spirits9. Huln’s War – Reinforcements
4. The Story of Huln10. Huln’s War – Shadowsong
5. To See the Past11. Huln’s War – The Nathrezim
6. Huln’s War – The Arrival
1. Secrets of Highmountain5. Titanic Showdown alliance-crest-icon | High Chieftains horde-crest-icon
2. The Path of Huln alliance-crest-icon | The Path of Huln horde-crest-icon6. A Timely Opportunity alliance-crest-icon | A Timely Opportunity horde-crest-icon
3. In Defiance of Deathwing alliance-crest-icon | In Defiance of Deathwing horde-crest-icon7. The Backdoor
4. Treasures of Deathwing (Brann - no Horde equivalent)
1. The Backdoor5. Buy Us Time
2. Flight of the Black Prince6. The Siegebrul
3. Battle of Snowblind Mesa7. Justice Reigns from Above
4. Battle Worms8. The Underking
Quests Not Tied to Achievement Below
Oenia Skyhorn's Unresting Soul
1. Wax On, Wax Off4. Candle of Command
2. Candle to the Grave5. Burn the Candle at Both Ends
3. The Gates of Wax6. Can't Hold a Candle to You
Hemet Nesingwary
1. An Offering of Ammo8. Scout it Out
2. Note-Eating Goats9. Moose on the Loose
3. Amateur Hour10. I'm not Lion
4. Lion Stalkin'11. Procuring a Prototype
5. Moose Shootin'12. Critter Scatter Shot
6. Bear Huntin'13. Wolf Pack Attack
7. A Hunter at Heart'
Skyhorn Nestling Pet Questline
1. Fledgling Worms3. Tamer Takedown
2. Eagle Egg Recovery4. Empty Nest
D.E.H.T.A. - Murky Adventure (BlizzHeroes)
1. That Guy in the Costume4. Slime Time
2. Nature vs. Nurture5. Murlocs: The Next Generation
3. I'll Huff, I'll Puff...6. Oh, the Clawdacity!
Mucksnout Den - Waist or Trinket iLvl 750
1. Shiny, but Deadly
2. The Soulkeeper's Fate
3. Demon Detainment
Stonedark Grotto | Highmountain -- (Bracer or Belt Reward)
1. You Lift, Brul?3. Deep in the Cavern
2. Stonedark Relics4. GUHRUHLRUHLRUH


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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts


I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff… | Highmountain

King Mrgl-Mrgl: Murky is my favorite little fella. However, in order to lead a change in the murloc population here, he needs some awesome abilities. There are a lot of pufferfish around in the water, and I think that they could be a good resource for him. Kill a few and collect their eggs for Murky.



Quest Objectives

Collect 5 Pufferfish Eggs.

I'll Huff, I'll Puff


Nature vs. Nurture | Highmountain

King Mrgl-Mrgl: The Swamprock murlocs’ favorite thing to do is cause shipwrecks with their makeshift lighthouse. Murlocs are fascinating, but these are ruthless. We must save this coast! I have been raising this young murloc, Murky. We need to help him become stronger so he can teach the tadpoles to be better than their elders.


Nature vs Nurture

King Mrgl-Mrgl: I appreciate murloc-kind far too much to tell you to go kill all the adults. What we should be doing is setting up the next generation to be more peaceful; Murky is the best representative for this. Bring him to talk to the murloc tadpoles. He’ll get them on our side.


Quest Objectives

Talk to 10 Swamprock Tadpoles.

Nature vs. Nurture


That Guy in the Costume | Highmountain

Hemet Nesingwary: Aye, when we were out huntin’ on the coast, we ran into this ridiculous lad in a costume. He says he’s trying ta blend in with the murlocs… but I’m pretty sure he’s just not right in the head. One of ours stayed behind to keep an eye on him when we headed back to camp… mind checkin’ it out? Ye can ask Tamara over there for a ride.

hemet nesingwary


Quest Objectives

Speak to Tamara and fly to Shipwreck Cove.



Empty Nest

Oren Windstrider: I’ve taken an inventory of the eggs you recovered. Some among the bunch may still have a chance to hatch. They will need to be returned to an empty nest, and with any luck, an eagle will claim the eggs as her own and watch over them once again. There is a nest just outside the entrance on a rocky ledge above the cave. Be careful, (name). The eggs are very delicate.

oren windstrider


Quest Objectives

Place the eagle eggs in the empty nest above the eastern entrance to Rockcrawler Chasm.

Empty Nest


Tamer Takedown

Oren Windstrider: The drogbar will continue to breed vicious worms as long as their tamer lives. Korgrol is responsible for turning fledgling rockcrawlers into the monstrous siege worms that are ridden into battle. Head deep into the chasm and end his life, so that we may also see the end of these unnatural creatures.

oren windstrider


Quest Objectives

Kill Tamer Korgrol within Rockcrawler Chasm.

Tamer Takedown

Reward: Wrist or neck iLevel 732


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