Month: January 2015

Onslaught’s End

Missive: “Guard Gul’dan and his Shadow Council with your lives! The portal cannot function without our prisoners’ fel magic. Fail me and watch all that you hold dear turn to ash. –Grommash...

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Azeroth’s Last Stand

Khadgar: Countless times you have battled against impossible odds and unspeakable evil – and returned the victor. Now, once more, you have answered the call of duty, prepared to risk your life to save the world that you...

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The Dark Portal

Warchief’s Command Board: Speak with Archmage Khadgar at the foot of the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. (Speak with Archmage Khadgar: 0/1) Description ATTENTION HEROES ADVENTURERS DEFENDERS OF AZEROTH Archmage Khadgar, hero...

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Warning the Warchief

Thrall: We have slowed the Iron Horde down, but this war is far from over… I’ll stay here and continue our efforts to hold back the Iron Horde. The Warchief needs to know about what we have accomplished here today,...

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Gar’mak Bladetwist

Thrall: With the intelligence you have gathered we have learned this assault is being led by a powerful Iron Horde orc named Gar’mak Bladetwist. He is hunkered down inside Okril’lon Hold. Killing him will not win...

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Death to the Dreadmaul

Thrall: The stupidity of the Dreadmaul ogres never ceases to amaze me. The Iron Horde is clearly using them to further their own nefarious agenda. Regardless, we must show the ogres what happens when you confront the true Horde....

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Okrilla’s Revenge

Okrilla: The Dreadmaul ogres think they have bested us? They will all suffer. Here take this poison, place a couple drops in their rat stew. The poison will slowly eat away at their insides. Causing a prolonged and painful...

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Ransacking Nethergarde

Okrilla: After the Iron Horde took Nethergarde we attacked. While we killed the Iron Horde at Nethergarde they brought more forces through the portal and took Okril’lon Hold. So many souls stripped of their bodies by those...

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Lunatic Lieutenants

Thrall: It is time we learned more about our enemy. Our scouts have identified a number of the Iron Horde’s lieutenants. Their attack is too organized to be run by tribal knowledge alone. Surely their lieutenants have...

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Attack on Nethergarde

Thrall: The Iron Horde controls Nethergarde Keep, but they are fools if they think we will let them retain such a strategic position. My best troops are more than eager to spill the blood of those savages, but we need a champion...

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Ending Execution

Rokhan: We arrived as soon as we could… but we be too late. Da Iron Horde has taken our warriors prisoner. No doubt they be trying ta squeeze info out of da troops. I fear once they are done with da interrogation they...

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