Stow and Go

Flynn Fairwind: (Flynn lifts his collar to hide his face and speaks to you under his breath.) You see that ship? I know that ship. Let’s just say her captain and I have a little history. It’s a smuggling vessel. Our illegal weapons are on there for sure. I’d bet my coat on it – and I love this coat. We need to find out where it’s going… How are you in tight spaces?


Stow away on The Maiden’s Virtue.

  • Speak with Flynn
  • The Maiden’s Virtue boarded
  • Hide in Barrel of Fish

Stow and Go



Flynn Fairwind: You got any more business in town, now’s the time to do it. Let me know when you’re ready to board that ship and go wherever the wind take us.

Flynn Fairwind: Ready to catch a ride on that ship and see where it’s going?

(Let’s go.)

Speak with Flynn: 1/1

Flynn Fairwind: I’ll follow your lead. Remember: the key to going anywhere you don’t belong is to just walk in like you own the place.

TIP: Board the ship in the docks (in front of Flynn). Careful not to fall off the plank. It’s very narrow.

The Maiden’s Virtue boarded: 1/1

Captain Keelson: Timetable’s changed, boys! Get your grogs to-go!


TIP: Click the Barrel of Fish to begin the Cutscene.

Hide in Barrel of Fish: 1/1


NOTE: There is currently a cutscene placeholder in Alpha. NPCs onboard are checkboard-skin cubes. I’ll update this page once the cutscene is implemented.


Flynn Fairwind: Oh no… I think my barrel has pee in it… Nope, never mind. It’s ale. We’re good.

Captain Keelson: Clients want the stuff right now! We’re shovin’ off!


Captain Keelson: Steady as she goes, helmsman.

Flynn Fairwind: Wait, do you hear that?

Captain Keelson: Helmsman, steer us away! No, you idiot, THE OTHER WAY!

NOTE: The ship is attacked by Sirens, and wrecks near the shore. You spawn here:



Smelly Barrel: (The barrel Flynn was hidding in lies empty on the beach.)


Stow and Go


1. A Nation Divided
2. The Smoking Gun6. Small Haulers
3. The Ashvane Trading Company7. Message from the Management
4. Suspicious Shipments8. Under their Noses
5. Labor Dispute9. Stow and Go (Bridgeport)
10. Lured and Allured11. Lovesick and Lost
12. Freehold19. Raise a Glass!
13. Papers, Please20. Rodrigo's Roost
14. The Irontide Crew21. The Big Job
15. Loaded for Bear22. Recruiting Efforts
16. The Beatings Will Continue23. Fairwind’s “Friends”
17. Rig Robbing24. Defenders of Daelin's Gate
18. Dress to Impress
Not required for the achievement
25. Aged to Perfection29. Missing Treasure!
26. Trixie Business30. Flew the Coop
27. Carentan's Payment31. Swab This!
28. A Bad Deal
32. A Desperate Defense39. Status Report!
33. Burn Notice40. Prepare for Trouble
34. Cat on a Hot Copper Roof41. Make Our Case
35. Hands Off My Booty42. Clear the Air
36. Evening the Odds43. Enemies Within
37. Cease Fire!44. Hot Pursuit
38. For Kul Tiras!45. Proudmoore's Parley
NORWINGTON ESTATE -- to start this questline, pick The Norwington Festival at South Ferry Docks
46. The Lord's Behest (Foxhollow Woods )52. Mountain Sounds
47. Be Our Guest53. Lucky Charm
48. Beginner Equitation54. Monstrous Energy
49. Show Me What You’ve Got55. Safety First
50. Equine Retrieval56. The Perfect Horse, of Course
51. No Party like a Trogg Party57. Wanted: Living Earthguard
58. Anglepoint Wharf (Next A Sound Plan Achievement Progress)
A. An Overrun Mine C. The Hunters of Kennings Lodge
B. Left at the PortD. Stow and Go
A. An Overrun Mine (Bridgeport)C. Pinch of Azerite
B. Miner OperationD. Rock Meet Dynamite
A. The Hunters of Kennings Lodge (Bridgeport)F. Wanted: Ol’ Frostclaw
B. Pardon Our RustG. Westward Noble
C. A Grizzly EndH. The Start of a Monster Hunt
D. A Hunt for Hawk EggsI. Noble Responsibilities
E. A Sweater for RupertJ. Encase of Emergency
A. Trouble at Southport WatchE. A Boralus Triple Threat
B. Patching Up the RearF. Targeting a Turncoat
C. Death from Two SidesG. A Lesson on Trust
D. Free Bird
A. An Explosive Opportunity
B. The Norwington Festival
A. An Explosive Opportunity (Southwind Ferry Dock)
B. The Beauty of Marketing
C. Making Mysteries
D. Spring Cleaning
A. An Explosive Opportunity (Southwind Ferry Dock)G. Following Eddie's Trail
B. The Stoat HuntH. Troublesome Troglodytes
C. An Element of DangerI. Saurolisk Escape
D. Bolas and BirdsJ. Stone Soup
E. Settle the ScoreK. The Lord's Behest
F. Runaway Rider

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