Proudmoore’s Parley

Katherine Proudmoore: So, we meet again. I… apologize for how you were treated last time. I trusted Priscilla like a sister and- (Katherine chokes up for a moment before regaining her composure.) Let us keep this brief, for I will make no promises nor any formal accords in this state. Return to your leaders. Tell them I wish to parley. That is all for now. My people have suffered a great deal today and I have much to reflect upon.


Report to Genn Greymane in Tradewind Market.

Proudmoore's Parley



Taelia: Lord Admiral, perhaps we should get you back to the keep. I can review the evidence against House Ashvane with you there.

Katherine Proudmoore: Certainly. And your name is?

Taelia: Taelia, ma’am.

Katherine Proudmoore: Taelia… Of course. Our young ward from across the sea. Has it already been so long? You’ve grown into a valiant young woman, Taelia. Your father would be proud.



Genn Greymane: So, Katherine is willing to speak with us at last? Well done.


Proudmoore’s Parley


1. Drustvar5. Witch Hunt
2. The Vanishing Lord6. Cracking the Curse
3. Signs and Portents7. Furious Familiars
4. The Wayward Crone8. The Final Effigy
9. The Waycrest Daughter14. A Pungent Solution
10. Standing Accused15. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
11. The Woods Have Eyes16. Harmful If Swallowed
12. In Case of Ambush17. The Burden of Proof
13. Trial By Superstition
18. The Curse of Fletcher's Hollow23. A Revealing Missive
19. Save Who We Can24. Charming the Lifeless
20. Clear-Cutting25. The Murderous Matron
21. Hope they Can't Swim26. Culling the Coven
22. The Three Sisters27. An Airtight Alibi
28. And Justice For All33. If Bones Could Talk
29. A Slight Detour34. Unlocking History
30. Yeti to Rumble35. The Ruins of Gol Var
31. Salvage Rights36. The Order of Embers
32. Diversionary Tactics
37. Take the High Road41. Implements of Ill Intent
38. A Lesson in Witch Hunting42. Changing of the Guard
39. Sharp Thinking43. A New Order
40. Hidden Dealings
44. The Road To Corlain53. Painful Memories
45. The First Watch54. Running Late
46. A Weather Eye55. From This Day Forward
47. A Steady Ballast56. Blood in the Chapel
48. Precious Metals57. The Lady's Fate
49. Digging for Scraps58. One Last Request
50. An Improvised Arsenal59. Barrier Buster
51. Witchrending60. Break On Through
52. To Have Loved and Lost
A. WANTED: Sister Lilias
61. A Traitor's Death67. Leaving the Nest
62. Hexecutioner68. Reeking Refuge
63. Ruinous Rituals69. Storming the Manor
64. To The Other Side70. Waycrest Manor: The Fallen Mother
65. The Fall of Corlain71. A New Dawn
66. Hexed Hatchlings
1. Through the Old Roads4. Clear Victory
2. Pieces of History5. Drustfall
3. Honorable DischargeFollow up sends you to Falconhurst
1. To Falconhurst5. A Missing Master
2. Breaking Hag6. Curiously Strong
3. Hold the Barricade7. A Weapon of Old
4. So Long, Sister8. Fighting with Fire
1. Spell Bound3. Bramblethorn
2. Building Defenses4. WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats
A. Village Repair
1. Into the Crimsonwood7. Stopping the Grand Rite
2. Saving Master Ashton8. Witch Way Out
3. Odds and Ends9. Controlling the Situation
4. Bittersweet10. Matrons of the Crimsonwood
5. A Little 'Pick Me Up'11. In the Hall of the Drust King
6. Deeper into the Woods12. Stick It To 'Em!
A. Everburning
B. House Waycrest


1. Sweete's Orders
1. Plundering Pirates
1. Gol Koval5. Total Cairnage
2. Deliverance6. The Hills Are Alive
3. Rescue Rangers7. Really Big Problem
4. Boned8. The High Thornspeaker
A. Nooooope
1. An Eight-Legged Curse
2. All Wrapped Up
1. Remembering the Fallen4. An Offensive Harvest
2. Reeking Refuge5. Potent Protection
3. Eating Through the Defenses
A. Reclaiming Corlain
The Tidesages of Stormsong
1. Stormsong Valley5. Time to Leave
2. The Missing Fleet6. Border Issues
3. Searching for Answers7. Carry On
4. Archived Knowledge
1. A Risky Ploy9. Forced Labor
2. House Stormsong10. Bound and Oppressed
3. Unnecessary Duress11. Rest in the Depths
4. Proclamation Investigation12. Fabricated Fabrications
5. Haywire Harvesters13. Rearmament
6. The Rising Tide14. The Missing Link
7. Lost, Not Forgotten15. Storm's Judgment
8. Means to an End
1. Voices Below12. Twisted Intentions
2. Beneath the Veil13. The Abyssal Council
3. A Bloody Mess14. Eye of the Storm
4. No Quarter15. A Bridge Too Far
5. From the Maw of Madness16. Lost and Forgotten
6. Forbidden Rites17. Sealed Fate
7. Gathering Storm18. The Final Ascent
8. Storm's Vengeance19. Storm's End
9. A House Divided20. Shrine of the Storm: Whispers Below
10. The Storm Awakens21. A New Dawn
11. Oathbound
A. A Clean Slate
A Risky Ploy
House Stormsong
Unnecessary Duress
Proclamation Investigation
Haywire Harvesters
The Rising Tide
Lost, But Not Forgotten
Means to an End
Forced Labor
Bound and Oppressed
Rest in the Depths
Make it Mildenhall
Mayhem at Mildenhall Meadery
Detective Mildenhall
Cleanup Duty
Don't Go in the Basement
Recovering Raimond
Royal Succession
Sticky Situation
Honey Glazed Sam
Free the Farmhands
The Bee Team
Wendigo Away
Back to the Lab
Fetching Wrex
Fabricated Fabrications
The Missing Link
Storm's Judgment
Voices Below
Beneath the Veil
No Quarter
A Bloody Mess
Gathering Storm
From the Maw of Madness
Storm's Vengeance
A House Divided
Twisted Intentions
A Storm Awakens
Bonus Objectives: A Clean Slate
The Abyssal Council
Eye of the Storm
A Bridge Too Far
Lost and Forgotten
Sealed Fate
The Final Ascent
Storm's End
Shrine of the Storm: Whispers Below
1. Ruin Has Come. The Weight of my Ambition
. Flush Them Out. Indefatigable Purpose
. Trinkets and Baubles. Malign Inspiration
1. A Nation Divided 2. Tiragarde Sound
2. The Smoking Gun6. Small Haulers
3. The Ashvane Trading Company7. Message from the Management
4. Suspicious Shipments8. Under their Noses
5. Labor Dispute9. Stow and Go (Bridgeport)
10. Lured and Allured11. Lovesick and Lost
12. Freehold19. Raise a Glass!
13. Papers, Please20. Rodrigo's Roost
14. The Irontide Crew21. The Big Job
15. Loaded for Bear22. Recruiting Efforts
16. The Beatings Will Continue23. Fairwind’s “Friends”
17. Rig Robbing24. Defenders of Daelin's Gate
18. Dress to Impress
Not required for the achievement
25. Aged to Perfection29. Missing Treasure!
26. Trixie Business30. Flew the Coop
27. Carentan's Payment31. Swab This!
28. A Bad Deal
32. A Desperate Defense39. Status Report!
33. Burn Notice40. Prepare for Trouble
34. Cat on a Hot Copper Roof41. Make Our Case
35. Hands Off My Booty42. Clear the Air
36. Evening the Odds43. Enemies Within
37. Cease Fire!44. Hot Pursuit
38. For Kul Tiras!45. Proudmoore's Parley
NORWINGTON ESTATE -- to start this questline, pick The Norwington Festival at South Ferry Docks
46. The Lord's Behest (Foxhollow Woods )52. Mountain Sounds
47. Be Our Guest53. Lucky Charm
48. Beginner Equitation54. Monstrous Energy
49. Show Me What You’ve Got55. Safety First
50. Equine Retrieval56. The Perfect Horse, of Course
51. No Party like a Trogg Party57. Wanted: Living Earthguard
58. Anglepoint Wharf (Next A Sound Plan Achievement Progress)
A. An Overrun Mine C. The Hunters of Kennings Lodge
B. Left at the PortD. Stow and Go
A. An Overrun Mine (Bridgeport)C. Pinch of Azerite
B. Miner OperationD. Rock Meet Dynamite
A. The Hunters of Kennings Lodge (Bridgeport)F. Wanted: Ol’ Frostclaw
B. Pardon Our RustG. Westward Noble
C. A Grizzly EndH. The Start of a Monster Hunt
D. A Hunt for Hawk EggsI. Noble Responsibilities
E. A Sweater for RupertJ. Encase of Emergency
A. Trouble at Southport WatchE. A Boralus Triple Threat
B. Patching Up the RearF. Targeting a Turncoat
C. Death from Two SidesG. A Lesson on Trust
D. Free Bird
A. An Explosive Opportunity
B. The Norwington Festival
A. An Explosive Opportunity (Southwind Ferry Dock)
B. The Beauty of Marketing
C. Making Mysteries
D. Spring Cleaning
A. An Explosive Opportunity (Southwind Ferry Dock)G. Following Eddie's Trail
B. The Stoat HuntH. Troublesome Troglodytes
C. An Element of DangerI. Saurolisk Escape
D. Bolas and BirdsJ. Stone Soup
E. Settle the ScoreK. The Lord's Behest
F. Runaway Rider
. Tol Dagor: The Ashvane Overseer

The War Campaign takes you to set a foothold on the Horde land of Zandalar. At the beginning, you can choose one of three foothold destinations: Zuldazar, Nazmir, or Vol'dun.

The first foothold choice of the War Campaign starts at level 112. Second foothold unlocks at level 114. Island Expedition unlocks at level 116. The Third foothold unlocks at level 118. Unlocking all three Footholds unlocks access to World Quests & the Flight Master's Whistle reward.

1. The War Campaign7. Reinforcements (Recruit Troops)
2. The War cache8. The Ongoing Campaign
(level 114)
3. Time for War9. Adapting Our Tactics
4. Mission From The King10. The Final Foothold
(level 118)
5. War Campaign Table: War of Shadows11. Uniting Kul Tiras (World Quests Unlocked)
6. The Zandalar Campaign
(level 112)

1. Voyage To The West9. Breaking Free
2. Ooh Rah!10. Defang The Faithless
3. Establishing a Beachhead11. Break The Siege
4. Honor Bound12. The Keepers' Keys
5. Unexpected Aid13. Reporting In
6. Poisoned Barbs14. Champion: Magister Umbric
7. Antidote Application15. Return to Boralus
8. Friends in Strange Places
A. Pests
B. Curse of Jani
1. Heart of Darkness8. Nazmani Cultists
2. Dubious Offering9. Offerings To G'huun
3. Blood of Hir'eek10. Captain Conrad
4. Honoring The Fallen11. Lessons Of The Damned
5. Zealots of Zala'mar12. Champion: John J. Keeshan
6. Flight From The Fall13. Return To Boralus
7. Zul'Nazman
1. Zuldazar Foothold5. A Lack Of Surplus
2. The Troll's Tale6. That One's Mine
3. Granting A Reprieve7. Save Them All
4. Disarming The Cannons8. Xibala
1. Mole Machinations4. Champion: Kelsey Steelspark
2. Rocks of Ragnaros5. Return to Boralus
3. Fragment of the Firelands


1. Overseas Assassination9. A Message To The Zandalari
2. The Vol'dun Plan10. They Have Alpacas Here
3. Comb the Desert11. Splitting Up
4. Dirty Work12. Full of Arrows
5. Keep Combing13. Delayed Deathification
6. Classic Reliquary14. Return To Wyrmbane
7. Never Stop Combing15. The Big Boom
8. Improvised Survival16. Blood On The Sand
1. Operation: Blood Arrow6. The Option: Fire
2. Crippling The Horde7. They Can't Stay Here
3. How To Kill A Dark Ranger8. Ending Areiel
4. Tortollans In Distress9. Meeting Of The Minds
5. The Savage Hunt10. Target: Blood Prince Dreven
a golden opportunity
1. Operation: Cutpurse7. A Greedy Goblin's Paradise
2. Our Next Target8. Chasing Gallywix
3. The Void Elves Stand Ready9. I Take No Pleasure In This
4. Bilgewater Bonanza Go Boom10. We Have Him Cornered
5. The Void Solution11. Gallywix Got Away
6. Find The Paper Trail
blood in the water achievement
1. Intercepted Orders6. An Unnatural Crew
2. Hunting Blood Prince Dreven7. Foul Crystals For Foul People
3. Behind Enemy Boats8. King's Rest (Unlocks Mythic-only Dungeon)
4. Broadside Bedlam9. Ending The San'layn Threat
5. The Wildhammer Specialty 10. A Clean Escape
1. Operation: Heartstrike10. Intelligence Denial
2. Bringing Down The Fleet11. Void Vacation
3. How To Sink A Zandalari Battleship12. Victory Is Assured
4. Under The Cover Of Swiftwing13. Victory Was Assured
5. Ship Logs14. Leave None Alive
6. Sabotaging The Pa'ku15. Silencing The Advisor
7. The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine16. An End To The Killing
8. My Enemy's Enemy Is My Disguise17. Champion: Shandris Feathermoon
9. Right Beneath Their Nose

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