Dissension | Warcraft III: Reforged

Early the next morning at Arthas’ new base camp…


Captain Luc Valonforth: I apologize, emissary, but the prince is away on an errand. What brings you to this desolate place?

Emissary: By royal edict, you men are to return to Lordaeron immediately. Lord Uther has convinced the king to recall this expedition.

Captain Luc Valonforth: We’re to just pick up and leave?

Emissary: That’s correct. My men report that the roads from here to the shore are held by the undead. You’ll need to find an alternate route back to your ships.

Captain Luc Valonforth: To hell with the undead! We’ll cut our way through the woods, men!

Arthas: Captain, why are the guards not at their posts?

Captain Luc Valonforth: Well, milord, your father had our troops recalled at Lord Uther’s request.

Arthas: Uther had my troops recalled? Damn it! If my warriors abandon me, I’ll never defeat Mal’Ganis. The ships must be burned before the men reach the shore!

Muradin Bronzebeard: Isn’t that a bit much, lad?

Arthas: Burned down to their frames! No one goes home until our job here is done!


Burn the Boats

  • Destroy the five ships before time runs out.


Arthas: We’ll need more men to fight our way through the undead.

Muradin: I’ve come across a few mercenary camps up here. Perhaps we can hire a few of them?

Note: Select Arthas, Muradin, and the two Mortar Teams and move west through the narrow road. You will encounter 5 Ghouls.

To the west, you encounter 2 Ghouls, a Necromancer, and a Crypt Fiend. The Spirit Tower is active and attacks your team, too. The necromancer drops Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.

When you reach the Mercenary Camp…

Arthas: Damn Uther for forcing me to do this!

HINT – Use the Mercenary Camp to add new units to your army.

These are the Mercenaries available for hire:

  • Ice Troll: Light ranged unit. Attacks land and air units. Costs 120 gold, 10 wood, 2 food. You can buy up to 4.
  • Ice Troll Priest: Priest of healing magic. Attacks land and air units. Costs 155 gold, 10 wood, 2 food. You can buy up to 3.
  • Ogre Warrior (W): Standard warrior of the Ogre Legion. Attacks land units. Costs 120 gold and 2 food. You can buy up to 3.

West of the Mercenary Camp is a narrow path that leads to a crypt. Kill the Skeletal Marksman level 3 and the two Skeletal Archers. The Marksman drops Tome of Strength +2.

Head back to the crossroads, and go southwest. Here you encounter 4 Ghouls and 2 Spirit Towers.

A few yards south, 2 Ghouls and another Spirit Tower. 3 Crypt Fiends aggro. One of the Crypt Fiends drop Ring of Regeneration: Increases the Hero’s hit point regeneration by 2 hit points per sec.

HINT – Use your mercenaries with ranged attacks to sink the nearby ship.

Here you find the first boat. Use ranged mercenary units and the two Mortar Teams to sink it.

Arthas: Very good! But there are still more ships to deal with!

Cross the bridge and head southwest. There is a Nerubian Warrior level 3 and two Spiderlings level 1. Killing the Nerubian Warrior spawns two new spiderlings level 1. She drops a Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used.

Further south you will encounter a Nerubian Queen level 7, Nerubian Seer level 5, Nerubian Webspinner level 3 and a Spiderling level 1. The Nerubian here have a Unholy Aura which increases their health regeneration. To save time, ignore the Nerubian Ziggurats. They don’t drop anything and don’t attack.

South of the Queen is the second boat. Destroy it.

Near that boat is another Mercenary Camp. You can hire these mercenaries:

  • Ogre Magi (G): Spellcasting warrior of the Ogre Legion. Can cast Bloodlust. Attacks land units. Costs 255 gold, 50 wood, 4 food.
  • Ice Troll Berserker (B): Medium ranged unit. Attacks land and air units. Costs 195 gold, 30 wood, 3 food.

To the east of the Mercenary Camp there are a few Murlocs spread out. Three Murloc Nightcrawler level 3, three Murloc Tiderunner level 1, and a Murloc Huntsman level 2. One of them drops Mana Stone: Increases the mana regeneration rate of the Hero by 25% when worn. Can be consumed for 300 mana.

Go north through the bridge. When you reach this spot, use your two Mortar Teams to destroy all the trees.

HINT – Attack the trees ahead with your Mortar Team to clear a path.

That path leads to this hidden Frost Revenant level 4 undead. It drops Sobi Mask: Increases the Hero’s rate of mana regeneration by 50% when worn.

From the spot you destroyed those trees, take the path north. There you find a Goblin Laboratory. A Hero must stand next to it in order to hire a Sapper (S): Explosive team of goblin sappers. Particularly effective against buildings.

Now go back down and destroy those trees below the Goblin Laboratory with both Mortar Teams to make a path through.

The third boat is past those trees. Use your ranged units to destroy the boat.

A bit to the north you will find a Mercenary Camp past the small bridge. Here you can hire any of these units:

  • Ice Troll Trapper (T): Medium ranged unit that can Ensnare opponents. Attacks land and air units. Costs 160 gold, 20 wood and 2 food. You can hire up to 4 units.
  • Ice Troll Priest: High Priest of healing magic. Can cast Abolish Magic and Frost Armor. Attacks land and air units. Costs 205 gold, 30 wood, and 3 food. You can hire up to 3 units.
  • Ogre Mauler (M): Large brutal warrior of the Ogre Legion. Attacks land units. Costs 240 gold and 4 food. You can hire up to 2 units.

It is important to hire the Trapper because there are a few blue dragons not too far from this Mercenary Camp.

You will encounter two Blue Dragon level 6 and two Blue Dragon Whelp level 3. Use the Ice Troll Trappers to cast Ensnare (E). This way the units that only attack land units can help to kill them. One of them drops Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points when used.

Right next to where these Dragons were, you will notice a campfire behind trees. There is some kind of Furbolg named Monty level 4. Use the Mortar Team to destroy the trees to reach him. He drops Pendant of Mana: Increases the mana capacity of the Hero by 250 when worn.

A bit south you find a Goblin Merchant. These are the items sold there.

  • Amulet of Recall (R): Teleports 12 of the player’s units within the targeted area to the location of the Hero when used. Costs 250g.
  • Potion of Healing (P): Heals 250 hit points when used. Costs 150g.
  • Potion of Mana (M): Restores 150 mana when used. Costs 200g.
  • Scroll of Healing (H): Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used. Costs 250g.

HINT – Don’t engage the Scourge Towers. Move quickly through the canyon, and reduce losses by leading with high health units.

At the Goblin Merchant, buy the Amulet of Recall for 250g. Make sure it is in Arthas’ inventory, not in Muradin’s. You can buy up to 2 of these Amulets.

The strategy here is to have Arthas go through the gauntlet of Scourge Towers alone. Cast Divine Shield: An impenetrable shield surrounds this unit, protecting it from all damage and spells for 30 sec. Leave the other units behind at the Goblin Merchant.

Once you reach the other side of the canyon, use the Amulet of Recall. Up to 12 units within the massive rune is teleported to Arthas location.

Destroy the fourth boat.

Arthas: Well done! Only one ship remains!

Further along the road you will come across 4 Necromancers. Each of them spawns two Skeleton Warriors. So this becomes a fight against 12 units. You can either engage, or send Arthas through with Divine Shield toward the last boat to use the second Amulet of Recall to teleport your units.

Otherwise, there is a larger pack of Undead Scourge awaiting before the last boat. This pack contains two Abominations, 2 Crypt Fiends, 2 Necromancers, and 4 Ghouls.

Destroy the last boat to complete the mission.


Burn the Boats.


Captain Luc Valonforth: Prince Arthas?

Arthas: Quickly, my warriors! These murderous creatures have burned our ships and robbed you of your way home! Slay them all in the name of Lordaeron!

Footman: Damn beasts!

Knight: Kill them all!

Footman: Our ships are ruined. What will we do now?

Arthas: Listen to me, all of you! There is no way home for any of us, save through victory! In this land we will stand or fall together. Now, return to the base and man your posts.


  1. Ghouls (5)
  2. Necromancer. Ghouls (2). Crypt Fiend. The Necromancer drops Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana.
  3. Skeletal Marksman level 3. Skeleton Archer level 2 (2). Drops Tome of Strength +2.
  4. Ghoul (4). Spirit Tower (2).
  5. Crypt Fiend (3). Spirit Tower. One drops Ring of Regeneration: Increases the Hero’s hit point regeneration by 2 hit points per sec.
  6. Nerubian Warrior level 3. Spiderling level 1 (2). Drops Potion of Healing: Restores 250 hit points.
  7. Nerubian Queen level 7. Nerubian Seer level 5. Nerubian Webspinner level 3. Spiderling level 1. Nerubian Ziggurat. The Queen drops Claws of Attack +12. The Seer drops Potion of Greater Mana: Restores 300 mana.
  8. Murloc Huntsman level 2. Murloc Tiderunner level 1.
  9. Murloc Nightcrawler level 3 (3). Murloc Huntsman level 2. Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (3). One drops a Mana Stone: Increases the mana regeneration rate of the Hero by 25% when worn. Can be consumed for 300 mana.
  10. Frost Reveneant level 4. Drops Sobi Mask: Increases the Hero’s rate of mana regeneration by 50%.
  11. Blue Drake level 6 (2). Blue Dragon Whelp level 3 (2). One drops Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points when used.
  12. Monty level 4. There is a hidden furbolg behind trees, near the dragons. Use the Mortar Teams to destroy the trees. Drops Pendant of Mana: Increases the mana capacity of the Hero by 250 when worn.
  13. Six Necromancers summon two Skeletal Warrior each.
  14. Abomination (2). Crypt Fiend (2). Necromancer (2). Ghoul (4).


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5. Ravages of the Plague6. The Cult of the Damned7. March of the Scourge8. Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet
9. The Culling10. Interlude: Divergent Courses11. The Shores of Northrend12. Dissension
13. Frostmourne14. Cinematic: Arthas' Betrayal
undead campaign
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9. Cinematic: The Destruction of Dalaran
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5. Brothers in Blood

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