Ambassador #1: We’ve received reports that the orcs are regrouping.

Ambassador #2: Certainly, the recent attacks against the internment camps are evidence enough.

Ambassador #1: Agreed. The Horde is on the move.

Ambassador #3: This is absurd! My nation will not stand by and watch as the Horde masses on our very doorstep!

Dalaran Ambassador: The orcs are not our primary concern here! How many times must I repeat myself? King Terenas, you must heed my warning! This plague that has gripped the northlands could have dire ramifications.

Ambassador #5: Plague? You wizards are just being paranoid!

Ambassador #1: Let’s keep all this in perspective. Even if this “plague” does pose a threat to us, what are you proposing that we do?

Dalaran Ambassador: It is simple. As I have said, the Kirin Tor are already prepared to place the villages under strict quarantine.

King Terenas: I will not institute quarantine without proof of your claims, Ambassador. The people of Lordaeron have suffered enough without becoming prisoners in their own lands.

The Prophet: Yet, prisoners they are, good king.

King Terenas: What is the meaning of this? Who are you?

The Prophet: Humanity is in peril! The tides of darkness have come again, and the whole world is poised upon the brink of war!

Dalaran Ambassador: Enough of this! Guards, remove this madman!

The Prophet: Hear me! The only hope for your people is to travel west to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor.

Dalaran Ambassador: Travel west?! Are you mad?

King Terenas: Hold, Ambassador! I don’t know who you are or what you believe, but this is not the time for rambling prophets. Our lands are beset by conflict, but it shall be we who decided how best to protect our people, not you! Now begone!

The Prophet: I failed humanity once before, and I will not do so again. If you cannot take up this cup, then I shall find another who will.

The Prophet: The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own.



1. The Prophecy2. Cinematic: Thrall's Vision3. Chasing Visions4. Departures
5. Riders on the Storm6. The Fires Down Below7. Countdown to Extinction
1. Cinematic: The Warning2. The Defense of Strahnbrad3. Blackrock & Roll4. Interlude: Jaina's Meeting
5. Ravages of the Plague6. The Cult of the Damned7. March of the Scourge8. Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet
9. The Culling10. Interlude: Divergent Courses11. The Shores of Northrend12. Dissension
13. Frostmourne14. Cinematic: Arthas' Betrayal
undead campaign
1. Trudging through the Ashes2. Digging up the Dead3. Into the Realm Eternal4. Key of the Three Moons
5. The Fall of Silvermoon6. Blackrock & Roll, Too!7. The Siege of Dalaran8. Under the Burning Sky
9. Cinematic: The Destruction of Dalaran
orc campaign
2. The Long March3. Cry of the Warsong4. The Spirits of Ashenvale
5. The Hunter of Shadows6. Where Wind Riders Dare7. The Oracle8. By Demons Be Driven
Night Elves Campaign
1. Enemies at the Gate2. Daughters of the Moon3. The Awakening of Stormrage4. The Druids Arise
5. Brothers in Blood

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