The Lich King’s plague of undeath has spread through the Capital City and into the outskirts of Lordaeron. Shocked and disheartened by the loss of their beloved king, the forces of Lordaeron were scattered by the ravenous undead warriors. Now, Lordaeron is but a shadow of its former glory – and Prince Arthas has yet to be seen…



Arthas: What trickery is this? Mal’Ganis! I don’t know how you survived, but I will–

Tichondrius: Calm yourself, Prince Arthas. I am Tichondrius. Like Mal’Ganis, I am a dreadlord, but I am not your enemy. In truth, I’ve come to congratulate you.

Arthas: Congratulate me?

Tichondrius: By killing your own father and delivering this land to the Scourge, you have passed your first test. The Lich King is pleased with your… enthusiasm.

Arthas: Yes. I’ve damned everyone and everything I’ve ever loved in his name, and I still feel no remorse. No shame. No pity.

Tichondrius: The runeblade that you carry was forged by the Lich King and empowered to steal souls. Yours was the first one it claimed.

Arthas: Then I’ll make do without one. What is the Lich King’s will?

Tichondrius: The Cult of the Damned must be rallied once again. Many of the acolytes have been in hiding amongst the populace. Once you’ve rallied them, I will give you further instructions.


  • Rescue 20 Acolytes
  • Arthas must survive

Note: The red dots are the 20 acolytes. The graveyard gives you reinforcements: more ghouls.



Ghoul – This basic attacking unit for the Undead has the ability to Cannibalize corpses to regain lost health.

HINT – You can use Arthas’ Death Coil ability to damage enemy units, or to heal your own troops.

The first Acolyte appears at the start of the road to the west, marked in the map as a green exclamation mark in a circle.

Acolyte: Greetings, great lord. Our master, Kel’Thuzad, told us that you would come.

Arthas: Kel’Thuzad? How coud he have known that–

Acolyte: Be wary. If the townsfolk see your undead minions, they’ll call the local guards to stop you.

HINT – Approach disguised Acolytes with Arthas to rescue them. However, use caution. Any townsfolk who see you will alert the guards.

Footman: Prince Arthas? Arm yourselves!

Note: Kill all the civilians in that area, and the footman. Destroy the crates for a Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.

Then continue to the west for Acolyte #3.

Acolyte: Seek out the local graveyards. Those buried there will serve you well.


Find the Graveyard

  • Bring Arthas to the Graveyard
  • Arthas must survive

As you go past the river, a Shade joins your team.

Shade: My sight is yours!


Shade – This invisible scout is useful for tracking the movement of enemy troops. It is often best to avoid combat when outnumbered.

You will encounter two Footmen at this spot. One of them drops Potion of Great Healing: Restores 500 hit points.

Acolyte #4 is south of those footmen. Destroy the crates. One drops Potion of Healing: Restores 250 hit points.

Taking the road south, kill the Knight and destroy the Barracks. One of the horses drops Ring of Protection #2: Increases the Armor of the Hero by 2.

Knight: How could you murder your own father?

Head west to the bottom-left corner of the map for Acolyte #5.

From that corner, go diagonal to the north. There is a hidden Acolyte behind trees.

West of there, two Footmen guard the entrance to the Vandermar village. No need to destroy the Scout Towers.

Past the gates, you encounter 2 Footmen, and a patrolling Knight that aggros from the north. You may cast Death Coil on the Knight — as he has quite a lot of hit points.

Footman: You bastard!

Above the green house (seen in the image above), there is a peculiar scene of two men fighting, surrounded by some people. The fighting men are named: Rob and Tyler. This is a pop culture reference to: Fight Club (1999) by Bradd Pit and Meat Loaf who played as Tyler Durden and Robert “Bob” Paulsen.

Head southwest for an acolyte that is a bit out of the way. Notice the crates on the right side of the green house? (image below) Destroy those crates for a Potion of Greater Mana: Restores 300 mana.

Now head north to get this Acolyte.

Head east to enter the Graveyard. Here you get reinforcements to join your team: 2 Ghouls (330 hit points) and 3 Skeleton Warriors (180 hit points).

Arthas: I’m in luck. These graves were dug recently. Arise in the name of the Lich King.


Find the Graveyard

HINT – Ghouls can use their Cannibalize ability to consume corpses and heal themselves.

HINT – You can attack gates to destroy them.

Going north, you will find a gate. Don’t destroy it yet. Instead, go northwest. There is a Town Hall with Peasants. A couple of bandits attack the Town Hall. Kill the Bandits and the Peasants.

Your next Acolyte is southwest of that Town Hall — as seen in the image below.

Go west for the next Acolyte — who is kinda hidden beneath these trees.

To the north, you find a Bandit camp where one of the acolytes has been captured with a fishing net. The Bandit level 1 drops a Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points. The Bandit Assassin level 4 drops a Spider Ring: Increases the Agility of the Hero by 1.

Go back to destroy the Gate.

As soon as the Gate is destroyed, a Footman will chase a Acolyte who is running toward you.

The next Acolyte is south of the Gate.

To the south, a Footman is near these houses. Another Footman to the east can be seen patrolling north-to-south.

Behind the houses and trees seen in the image above you will find a hidden crates near two row boats. Destroy the crates to loot Scroll of Healing: Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used.

The next acolyte is to the east.

Stop right there. There is a secret Golem that can be accessed only by using your Ghouls to destroy specific trees with the Attack (A) command. In the middle of these two houses, there is a tree, keep destroying trees in this specific pathing.

Now command your Ghouls to attack these trees to make a path for Arthas to reach the Golems. The Ghouls can go through the rocks, but Arthas on his steed is too big to go loot the Golem. So you need to destroy enough trees to give him room to wiggle through. He drops Gauntlets of Ogre Strength #3: Increases the Strength of the Hero by 3 when worn.

Return to the road, and head east for the next Acolyte — which is hidden behind this house.

There are 4 acolytes here. They are guarded by a Captain and a Footman. The Captain drops Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points.

Footman: Kill them all!


Rescue Acolytes


Tichondrius: Well done, death knight. The Cult is nearly assembled.

Arthas: Lordaeron lies in ashes. What good are these cultists to us now?

Tichondrius: They will aid you in your next undertaking.

Arthas: And what’s that?

Tichondrius: You will go to Andorhal and recover the remains of the acolyte’s former master, the necromancer, Kel’Thuzad.

1. The Prophecy2. Cinematic: Thrall's Vision3. Chasing Visions4. Departures
5. Riders on the Storm6. The Fires Down Below7. Countdown to Extinction
1. Cinematic: The Warning2. The Defense of Strahnbrad3. Blackrock & Roll4. Interlude: Jaina's Meeting
5. Ravages of the Plague6. The Cult of the Damned7. March of the Scourge8. Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet
9. The Culling10. Interlude: Divergent Courses11. The Shores of Northrend12. Dissension
13. Frostmourne14. Cinematic: Arthas' Betrayal
undead campaign
1. Trudging through the Ashes2. Digging up the Dead3. Into the Realm Eternal4. Key of the Three Moons
5. The Fall of Silvermoon6. Blackrock & Roll, Too!7. The Siege of Dalaran8. Under the Burning Sky
9. Cinematic: The Destruction of Dalaran
orc campaign
2. The Long March3. Cry of the Warsong4. The Spirits of Ashenvale
5. The Hunter of Shadows6. Where Wind Riders Dare7. The Oracle8. By Demons Be Driven
Night Elves Campaign
1. Enemies at the Gate2. Daughters of the Moon3. The Awakening of Stormrage4. The Druids Arise
5. Brothers in Blood

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