With the heroic sacrifice of Grommash Hellscream, the pit lord Mannoroth was slain, and the demon curse that had plagued the orcs was put to an end. However, the combined human and orc forces have moved deeper into Ashenvale Forest to ascertain whether a demonic threat still lingers in the land.

Tyrande Whisperwind, the leader of the night elf Sentinels, believes that the outlanders will bring only doom to her enchanted homeland.



Shandris Feathermoon: Pardon, Priestess, but you’ve been staring out across Ashenvale for hours.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I sense something dark stirring within the forests, Shandris. It feels as if it’s heading this way.

Shandris Feathermoon: The greenskins who killed Cenarius?

Tyrande Whisperwind: Perhaps. Perhaps something more.

Duke Lionheart: Put your backs into it! Jaina and the orc warchief expect this base to be built swiftly!

Footman: Agh! We shouldn’t even be here! Or siding with the orcs.

Grunt: We’re here to hunt the remaining demons, human. You’re lucky our goals are the same.

Duke Lionheart: All right, you men! Mind your business! Back to work!

Tyrande Whisperwind: So, these orcs and humans presume to run rampant through our lands? They will regret ever stepping foot into Ashenvale. We will establish a base and deal with these outlanders as they deserve.


Night Elf Base

  • Entangle a gold mine
  • Construct a Moon Well
  • Construct an Ancient of War
  • Train 5 Archers

Tyrande Whisperwind: The tree of life is the heart of our night elf villages. Use the tree’s ability to entangle the gold mine. After entangling the mine, send wisps in to extract gold.

Send the 4 Wisps to harvest wood until the mine is entangled.

HINT – The Tree of Life is used to entangle gold mines. Select the Tree of Life and then right-click on a mine.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Wisps are friendly spirits that harvest gold and lumber for our villages. They also create the structures that allow us to train more warriors.

HINT – Wisps can attach themselves to trees and return lumber resources without leaving or damaging the tree.

HINT – Place Wisps in the Entangled Gold Mine to begin harvesting.

HINT – You can build more Wisps from the Tree of Life.

HINT – The summoned scout can detect invisible units or be used to scout an enemy base.

Note: Bring Tyrande to the south, where Felwood Furbolgs initiate a conversation for a Quest.

Furbolg Shaman: We are preparing to leave this place, Priestess. There is a terrible evil corrupting these lands, and I will not allow it to consume my people. Unfortunately, we cannot leave until the rest of our tribe has been accounted for.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Do not fear, old one. I will find your tribesmen and lead them back to you.

Furbolg Shaman: Thank you, Priestess. We will reward you when you return.


Furbolg Village

  • Locate 10 Missing Furbolgs

Build a Moon Well (M).

Tyrande Whisperwind: The moon wells are the source of our nourishment and strength. You can build additional moon wells to nourish more troops.

HINT – Moon Wells can be used to replenish the life energies and mana of any friendly units that drink from their tranquil waters.

Tyrande Whisperwind: To train more troops, construct an ancient of war.

Build an Ancient of War (R).

HINT – The Wisp is a Night Elf spirit that is consumed when constructing an Ancient.

Build 3 Wisps (W) to harvest wood.

Go southwest to find the first two Furbolgs. Destroy the crate to loot a Ring of Protection: Increases the armor of the Hero by 1 when worn.

Build a Moon Well (M).


  • Furbolgs located

Go back to your base, then northwest. You will find three Archers — who will join your team.

HINT – At nighttime, many Night Elf units can Shadowmeld and hide automatically while stationary.

Head south then a straight diagonal to the bottom-middle of the map. There are 4 Footman here. Destroy the two tents to loot:

  • Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used
  • Scroll of Protection: Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around your Hero by 2 for 30 sec.
Build an Altar of Elders (A).

Go to this Fountain of Health to heal all your forces.

Go north of the Fountain of Health to kill a Raider, a Headhunter and 3 Peons. There is a Gold mine here.

The next target is a human Lumber Mill with 3 Peasants. However, two Gryphon Riders patrol back and forth from north to south.

To the north, you will find three Raiders guarding three captured Felwood Furbolgs.

Build 5 Archers (A).

Go west across the river. There are two Wind Riders patrolling east to west from this point.

Go north to find two Felwood Furbolgs.

Head southwest, and kill these two Peons. Destroy the War Mill. There is nothing inside the crates.

Go south across the river to find the last Furbolg, completing the Optional Quest.


Furbolg Village

  • Locate 10 Missing Furbolgs (Completed)
  • Return Tyrande to the Furbolg Shaman

Furbolg Shaman: Many thanks, Priestess! Now we can evacuate the village. Please acept the aid of our champion. He will protect your life with his own.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Your offer is a generous one. May Elune light your path to safety.


Furbolg – Medium melee unit that can attack ground units.

Furbolg Champion – Heavy melee unit that can attack ground units.


Furbolg Village


Night Elf Base



  • Slay the Paladin

Build 2 Moon Wells (M).

Send all your troops to kill Duke Lionheart (Paladin). He casts Divine Shield. Kill other minions while he is immune to attacks.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Bandu thoribas, mortals! You will pay for defiling these lands!




(Rain of Fire falls from the sky destroying the human base. Tyrande watches as the Burning Legion teleports to eradicate all life).

Grunt: It’s the undead! Defend yourselves!

Footman: They must have followed us from Lordaeron!

Tyrande Whisperwind: Elune save us! The dead advance in waves! We are no match for a force this vast. Quickly, my sisters, back to the trees!



There is no creeping in this map. You have to locate 10 Furbolgs for the optional quest, and kill the orcs and humans.

  1. Furbolg Elder Shaman level 7 (Gives an Optional Quest).
  2. Furbolgs (2). Destroy the crate to loot a Ring of Protection: Increases the armor of the Hero by 1 when worn.
  3. Archer (3) join your team.
  4. Furbolg level 4. Furbolg Tracker level 6.
  5. Footman (4). Destroy both tents — drop Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used; and Scroll of Protection: Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around your Hero by 2 for 30 sec.
  6. Fountain of Health.
  7. Raider. Headhunter. Peons (3). War Mill. Gold Mine.
  8. Gryphon Rider (2). Peasants (3). Lumber Mill.
  9. Raider (3). Furbolg level 4 (2). Furbolg Shaman level 4.
  10. Wind Rider (2).
  11. Felwood Furbolg
  12. Peon (2). War Mill.
  13. Felwood Furbolg.
  14. Destroy the crates — drops Healing Wards: Summons an immovable ward that heals 2% of nearby friendly non-mechanical unit’s hit points per sec. Contains 3 charges. Lasts 30 sec.
  15. Duke Lionheart. Enemy Base (Human Expedition and Orcish Horde).

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