Three days later in Alterac, Arthas and his men wait near a crossroads along the King’s Road.



Captain: Prince Arthas, we’ve been waiting here for hours. Are you sure this friend of yours is coming?

Arthas: I’m sure. Jaina usually runs a little late.

(Jaina appears in the distance fleeing from two Ogre Warriors. Then summons a Water Elemental).

Captain: We must help her!

Arthas: Stay your blade, Captain. She can take care of herself.

Arthas: Gentlemen, meet Miss Jaina Proudmoore, special agent to the Kirin Tor, and one of the most talented sorceresses in the land.

Arthas: Looks like you haven’t lost your touch. It’s good to see you again, Jaina.

Jaina: You too, Arthas. It’s been awhile since a prince escorted me anywhere.

Arthas: Yes, it has. Well, I guess we should get underway.

Jaina: Our sources believe the plague originated in the region north of here. We should check out the villages along the King’s Road.


Investigate Villages

  • Explore the countryside
  • Arthas must survive
  • Jaina must survive


Go west toward the green exclamation mark shown in the map.

HINT – Use Jaina’s Summon Water Elemental spell to summon a water elemental unit.

Note: Before going west, head back east. There are three Ogre Warriors level 3. One drops Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used.

Now follow the road west. You will find a villager.

Villager: Greetings, Milord.

Stacie: Prince Arthas! There’s something amiss at the bridge ahead.

Marie Claire Antoinette: Look! It’s Prince Arthas.

Achilles: Milord, someone has destroyed the bridge from the far side of the river! There is another way to cross, but it is not as safe as it used to be.

A green exclamation mark flashes on the mini map. Head northeast toward it.

Bandit: Slaughter them all!

Villager: Bandits! Run!

Bandit: Sack the town!

Villager: Save us!

Villager: Oh, thanks so much! I have a reward for you.

NEW ITEM RECEIVED – Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points when used.

A bit north in the village, you will find Alric who gives an Optional Quest.

Alric: Milord, there is an ancient fountain shrine nearby. Legends say that its holy waters can restore health and heal grievous wounds.

Arthas: That could prove to be useful indeed.


Fountain of Health

  • Find the Fountain of Health

Note: On your way to the alternate route to reach the other side of the broken bridge, you will find two Murloc Tiderunner level 1 at the river to the north.

Further north there is a Murloc Huntsman level 2 and 3 Murloc Tiderunner level 1.

Those murlocs don’t drop anything, but most people would just continue west and overlook the Murloc Hut. Destroy the hut. It drops a Maul of Strength: Increases the Strength of the Hero by 1 when carried.

Going west from there, there is a single Murloc Tiderunner level 1.

Before you leave the river, there is a hidden area northwest of the previous lonely Murloc Tiderunner level 1.

You will find up there a bandit camp with an Enforcer level 5, a Rogue level 3, and a Bandit level 1. They don’t drop anything, but if you destroy their tent, it drops a Scroll of Protection: Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around your Hero by 2 for 30 sec.

Now continue your journey west. The camera will auto-move toward three Footmen (Regional Defenders).

Sergeant: Lock your shields and defend yourselves! Their arrows won’t get through!

Arthas: Skeletons? Slay them all, immediately!

Arthas: What were those creatures, Sergeant?

Sergeant: Undead, milord! This whole village has gone mad! We did our best to defend the villagers, but–

Arthas: We’ll get to the bottom of this.

HINT – Your Footmen now have the Defend skill. Use it for better protection against ranged attacks.

Defend (D): Activate to take only 50% of the damage from Piercing attacks. While Defend is active, movement is reduced by 30% of normal speed.

HINT – Arthas can use his Holy Light spell to damage Undead units.

There are two hidden Skeletal Warriors up by the edge of trees near the burning houses.

Head west until you find a treasure chest on the ground. You will be ambushed by 4 Skeletal Warriors and a Skeletal Archer that come from behind trees. You can use Jaina’s Blizzard to kill them quicker.

The treasure chest contains a Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.

Continue west toward the yellow exclamation mark in the mini map (top-left corner). Two Skeletal Warriors guard the fountain.

Arthas: This must be the shrine that the old man spoke of. Any man who drinks from these Light-blessed waters will be healed.


Fountain of Health

HINT – Move wounded units close to the Fountain of Health and they will heal more quickly.

Now move to the south at this location. The screen goes black and a cutscene plays onscreen.


Jaina: It’s as if the land around that granary is… dying.

Arthas: Could the grain itself be plagued?

Jaina: Let’s hope not. Those crates bear the regional seal of Andorhal, the distribution center for the northern boroughs. If this grain can spread the plague, there’s no telling how many villages might be affected.

Note: Destroy the Infected Granary. The crates contain nothing.

Now move further south, and have Jaina’s Blizzard ready for a lot of undead warriors and archers located there. They all aggro at once.

Focus the Blizzard on the pack to the right which contains a Necromancer. Cast Holy Light on the Necromancer after casting Blizzard.

Now move toward the green exclamation mark shown on the map. There you will encounter two High Elf Priests who join your team.

Priest: Greetings. We are priests from Quel’Thalas. We’ve come to help heal the land of this strange curse.

Jaina: As always, the generosity of the elves is greatly appreciated.

Priest: You should know that there is a granary warehouse at the far end of this village. This evil blight may be evident there as well.

Arthas: We’ll check it out.


Priest – Supporting spellcaster. Can initially cast Heal, which increases the life of wounded units. Can also learn Dispel Magic and Inner Fire.


Investigate Villages


Grain Warehouse

  • Destroy the Grain Warehouse

HINT – Spellcasters such as Priest have auto-cast spells that will automatically cast their spell. Right-Click the spell to turn off or on.

Note: Move further west along the road. You will find a Mortar Team in this corner.

NEW UNIT ACQUIRED – Mortar Team: Long-range siege weaponry. Exceptional damage versus buildings, but slow and vulnerable. Can learn the Flare ability.

Arthas: What the hell are you men shooting at?

Dargal: We’re blasting those damned skeletons, sir. This whole flaming village is crawling with them.

Arthas: Well, I could use your help. We’ve got a warehouse to destroy at the end of town.

Note: There are about 5 Skeletal Warriors and 2 Skeletal Archers in this next area. Plus another 4 archers patrolling a few yards north of them — which might aggro. Have Jaina ready to cast Blizzard.

One of them will drop Scroll of Healing: Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used.

Note: Now move south toward the river. There are 2 Skeletal Warriors and 2 Skeletal Archers guarding a treasure chest on the ground. The treasure chest contains Mantle of Intelligence +3: Increases the intelligence of the Hero by 3 when worn.

Now move all your units past the fountain in the middle of the town square north of there. This triggers a cutscene to play onscreen.


Kel’Thuzad: We’ve been discovered, my brothers! Flee and continue with the operation!

Kel’Thuzad: I’m sorry I can’t stay and chat, but… duty calls.

Jaina: That creature looks like it was sewn together from different corpses.

Arthas: Let’s study it after we kill it, okay?

Note: Move quickly to the chokepoint, and cast Blizzard and Holy Light at the Abomination.

Arthas: Destroy that warehouse, now!

Note: Before you destroy the Warehouse, three Ghouls aggro from the cornfield behind you. The warehouse only has 240 hit points. All crates around the warehouse are empty.


Grain Warehouse


Arthas: What was that? And who was that wizard dressed in black?

Jaina: I believe that the robed man was a necromancer. Obviously, he and his lackeys are behind this plague.

Arthas: Well, it’s a good bet we’ll find him, and the answers we’re looking for, in Andorhal.


  1. Ogre Warrior level 3 (2). One drops Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used.
  2. Ogre Warrior level 3.
  3. Stacie – dialogue about problems at the bridge.
  4. Achilles – dialogue about bridge destroyed. Alternate route.
  5. Bandits attack villagers. Splendora rewards you Potion of Greater Healing.
  6. Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (2)
  7. Murloc Huntsman level 2. Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (3).
  8. Murloc Tiderunner level 1.
  9. Enforcer level 5. Rogue level 3. Bandit level 1.
  10. 3 Footman join your team.
  11. Potion of Mana. 5 Skeleton ambush from trees.
  12. Fountain of Health
  13. Infected Granary
  14. Necromancer. 6 Skeletal Warrior. 3 Skeletal Archer.
  15. Two Quel’Thalas Priests who join your team.
  16. Skeletal Archer (2).
  17. Mortar Team who joins your team.
  18. Skeletal Warrior (7). Skeletal Archer (6).
  19. Skeletal Warrior (2). Skeletal Archer (2). Treasure Chest with Mantle of Intelligence +3.
  20. Fountain. Going past it triggers cutscene with Kel’Thuzad.
  21. Grain Warehouse. Ghoul (3). Abomination. Skeletal Warrior (3).


  • Stacie
  • Linda
  • Marie Claire Antoinette
  • Jillian
  • Achilles
  • Garglemel
  • Splendora
  • Alric
  • Daunell Barton
  • Alizabeth (child)
  • Austen (child)
  • Alex (child)
  • Villager
  • Footman (Regional Defenders)


  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Skeletal Archer
  • Necromancer
  • Acolyte
  • Abomination
  • Kel’Thuzad


  • Bandit
  • Rogue
  • Enforcer
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9. The Culling10. Interlude: Divergent Courses11. The Shores of Northrend12. Dissension
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