March of the Scourge | Warcraft III: Reforged

Early the next morning, Arthas and Jaina approach the village of Hearthglen.



Jaina: Hearthglen, finally! I could use some rest!

Arthas: It looks like they’re preparing for battle.

Sergeant: Prince Arthas! During the night, a vast army of undead warriors emerged and began attacking villages at random! Now, it’s heading this way!

Arthas: Damn it, Jaina, I’ll stay here to protect the village. Go as quickly as you can and tell Lord Uther what’s happened.

Jaina: But–

Arthas: Go, Jaina! Every second counts!

Arthas: Wait– what did those crates contain?

Sergeant: Just a grain shipment from Andorhal. There’s no need to worry, milord. It’s already been distributed amongst the villagers.

Arthas: On no. The plague was never meant to simply kill my people. It was meant to turn them… into the undead! Defend yourselves!


Defend Hearthglen

  • Survive for 30 minutes.


NOTICE – Jaina has left her items behind

I recommend to drop all the consumables off Arthas’ inventory and safeguard Jaina’s items such as rings, and other gear. Or you can do that before the countdown reaches 00:00.

Build a Rifleman.

NEW UNIT AVAILABLE – Sorceress – You may now build Sorceresses from the Arcane Sanctum. They can initially cast Slow, which decreases the movement and attack speed of enemy units.

Select the Blacksmith building. Upgrade to Iron Forged Swords (S): Increases the attack damage of Militia, Footmen, Spellbreakers, Dragonhawk Riders, Gryphon Riders and Knights.

Select the Blacksmith building. Upgrade to Black Gunpowder (G): Increases the ranged attack damage of Riflemen, Mortar Teams, Siege Engines and Flying Machines.

Select the Blacksmith building. Upgrade to Iron Plating (P): Increases the armor of Militia, Footmen, Spellbreakers, Knights, Flying Machines and Siege Engines.

Build a Peasant.

Move to the southeast corner of Hearthglen. There is a clickable Hearthglen Building in this location. Destroy it. In its place you will see a sheep. Kill the sheep. It drops a Potion of Restoration: Restores 500 hit points and 200 mana of the Hero when used.

Send Arthas through the south gate and go to the bottom-right corner of the mini map. There are three Villagers there. They will gear up and transform into Footman. They join your team.

Villager: We’ll fight for Lordaeron! Get your swords!

Send Arthas and those Footman to this location where three Villagers transform into Undead Zombies. Destroy the crate. It drops a Scroll of Healing: Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used.

Build 2 Peasants.

Build a Lumber Mill here.

Build a second Barracks.

Select the Blacksmith building. Upgrade to Studded Leather Armor (A): Increases the armor of Riflemen, Mortar Teams, Dragonhawk Riders and Gryphon Riders.

Send the 2 new Peasants to harvest minerals.

Build 2 Peasants.

Command a Peasant to build 8 Farms in a row by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking a Farm on the ground at different locations.

Send the newest Peasant to harvest wood near the Lumber Mill.

Select the Lumber Mill. Upgrade to Improved Lumber Harvesting (L): Increases the amount of lumber that Peasants can carry by 5.

Send the 2 newest Peasant to harvest wood.

Select the Lumber Mill. Upgrade to Improved Masonry (M): Increases the armor and hit points of Human buildings.

27:24 — Move your troops to the northeastern gate. A wave of 4 Undead Ghouls will attack the Guard Towers.

Footman: Prince Arthas, the undead forces have arrived!

Arthas: Hold your ground! We are the Chosen of the Light. We shall not fall!

Move your troops to the western entrance. Next wave will hit there.

Build 2 Rifleman — as resources become available.

Build a Peasant.

Build an Arcane Sanctum (R): Trains Priests and Sorceresses. Also contains upgrades for them.

26:20 — two Ghouls attack the western Guard Tower.

Build a Workshop (W): Produces Siege Engines, Flying Machines, and Mortar Teams; and their upgrades.

Build a Peasant.

Send 2 peasants and your troops to the north. Build a Town Hall at the second Mine (top-right corner of the map). The reasoning here is that you get more gold resources, and soon around 21:00 you will be asked to stop a grain caravan of Meat Wagons from reaching the last village. The gold mine is next to the last village.

Build a farm.

Build 2 Scout Towers at this location to protect the last village and your second Mine.

Build a Rifleman.

Build 6 Scout Towers at this entrance. The Undead base to the west will constantly send enemy ghouls to this spot.

Send Arthas and your troops to this location to kill Murlocs. One drops a Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.

See the cage behind the murlocs? Destroy it. It drops Boots of Speed: Increases the movement speed of the Hero when worn.

Upgrade the Scout Towers at the second Mine into Watch Towers.

Build 3 Peons to harvest minerals at the second Mine.

Upgrade the Scout Towers at the western gate of your main base into Watch Towers.

Send your troops to kill these Ogres. One of them drops Periapt of Vitality: Increases the hit points of the Hero by 150 when worn.

Build a Sorceress at the Arcane Sanctum.

Build a Mortar Team at the Workshop.

Set the Rally point to the western entrance.

24:18 — A wave of 4 Ghouls attack your western Watch Towers.

Build a Priest at the Arcane Sanctum.

Send Arthas and his troops to follow the road all the way north to the top-left corner of the mini map. There is a Fountain of Health nearby and a pack of Ogres.

Footman: Ogres have moved down from the hills. It appears they’re looking for a fight.

Two of those ogres drop:

  • Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +3: Increases the Strength of the Hero by 3 when worn.
  • Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points when used.

Select the Workshop. Research Flare: Provides Mortar Teams with the Flare ability. Flares can be used to reveal any area of the map. Can see invisible units.

23:20 — Another wave of 4 Ghouls attack your western Watch Towers.

Build a Mortar Team at the Workshop.

Select the Barracks. Research Defend (D): Allows Footmen to use the Defend ability, which increases their defensive capabilities against Piercing attacks.

Select the Barracks. Upgrade to Long Rifles (L): Increases the range of Riflemen attacks.

Optional: There is a Goblin Merchant north of your base. It sells the following items:

  • Scroll of Protection (R): Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around your Hero by 2 for 30 sec.
  • Gem of True Seeing (G): Allows the Hero to detect hidden or invisible units in the Hero’s line of sight when carried.
  • Potion of Healing (P): Heals 250 hit points when used.
  • Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.
  • Scroll of Town Portal (T): Teleports the Hero and any of its nearby troops to a target friendly town hall.
  • Wand of Negation (N): Dispels all magical effects in a target area. Contains 3 charges. Deals 200 damage to summoned units.
  • Scroll of Healing (H): Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used.

21:48 — Footman: Prince Arthas, we’ve spotted an undead caravan carrying a large load of plagued grain.

Arthas: That caravan must be stopped before it reaches the outer villages!

Build a Priest at the Arcane Sanctum.


The Grain Caravan

  • Destroy the grain caravan before it gets to the last village.

An option is to bring your troops here before the countdown reaches 21:48 to wait for the caravan. Otherwise, this is the path the caravan takes. The number 1-3 are the villages they infest. If they infest #3, you fail the Optional Quest. You can also just have your troops by #3 where you earlier built Watch Towers. This is west of your second Mine.

Select the Arcane Sanctum. Upgrade Sorceress Adept Training (O): Increases Sorceress’ mana capacity, mana regeneration rate, hit points, and gives them the ability to cast Invisibility.

21:15 — 3 Ghouls and a Necromancer attack the northeastern Watch Tower at your main base.

Build 6 Scout Towers at the northwest entrance.

20:26 — a wave of 5 Ghouls and a Necromancer approach your northwestern Watch Towers.

As each northwestern Scout Tower on queue is completed, upgrade them into Watch Towers.

Build a Farm.

Build 3 Priests at the Arcane Sanctum.

Build a Farm.

Build more Scout Towers at your second Mine. Then upgrade to Watch Towers. A wave of 2 Ghouls, 2 Necromancers, and an Abomination might attack it at 15:19.

18:22 — 3 Ghouls and an Abomination attack your northwest Watch Towers.

As your troops approach the Plague Caravan…

Footman: Prince Arthas, the caravan has infected the second village.

Destroy the caravan. Your Mortar Teams will do good job destroying them quickly. Make sure you aren’t in a chokepoint where the Mortar Team isn’t in range.

Acolyte: Faster, my brethren! If we lose the shipment, the master will have our hides!

Arthas: I just pray that the grain hasn’t reached any more villages.

One of the caravan units drops a Scroll of Town Portal: Teleports the Hero and any of its nearby troops to a target friendly town hall.


The Grain Caravan

Build a Rifleman.

Build a Farm.

Build a Rifleman.

Send your troops to attack the Undead Base west of your base.

Send a Peasant to build a Town Hall at the Undead Mine.

Build a few Scout Towers to defend it, and upgrade them to Watch Towers.

Build a Mortar Team at the Workshop.

Build 2 Farms.

Build a Rifleman.

10:56 — 3 Ghouls, 1 Necromancer, 1 Abomination, and a Meat Wagon attack your western Watch Towers.

NOTE: Something the Main Quest doesn’t say is that you don’t need to wait for the countdown to hit 00:00 to complete the mission. By destroying the two Undead Bases, you automatically end the mission.

Command all your units from all bases to attack the second Undead Base. There is no other undead in the map. The ramp going into their base is here. You should expect to fight at least 3 Necromancers, 4 Abominations, 4 Ghouls, and a Meat Wagon — depending whether a wave went out to attack your base, or some are being built in progress.

The other entrance to this Undead Base is from the northeast.

HINT – 10 more minutes until Uther’s arrival.

Lure the Undead away from the Spirit Towers, and kill them. Now that the base has no units, destroy the Spirit Towers around the base, then the Altar of Darkness to prevent Araj the Summoner from respawning, then the other buildings and the Nexus.


Defend Hearthglen


Arthas: Light, give me strength!

Uther: For Lordaeron! For the king!

Arthas: Uther, your timing couldn’t have been better.

Uther: Don’t celebrate yet, son. This battle’s far from over!

Uther: I’m surprised that you kept things together as long as you did, lad. If I hadn’t arrived just then–

Arthas: Look, I did the best I could, Uther! If I’d had a legion of knights riding at my back, I would’ve–

Uther: Now is not the time to be choking on pride! What we faced here was only the beginning. The undead ranks are bolstered every time one of our warriors falls in battle.

Arthas: Then we should strike at their leader! I’ll go to Stratholme and kill Mal’Ganis myself if I have to!

Uther: Easy, lad. Brave as you are, you can’t hope to defeat a man who commands the dead all by yourself.

Arthas: Then feel free to tag along , Uther. I’m going. With or without you.


  1. Destroy this clickable Hearthglen building. Kill the sheep. It drops Potion of Restoration: Restores 500 hit points and 200 mana of the Hero when used.
  2. Three Villagers transform into Footmen and join your team.
  3. Three Villagers transform into Zombies.
  4. Murloc Huntsman level 2 (2). Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (4). Murloc Nightcrawler level 3. Destroy the cage behind them. It drops Boots of Speed: Increases the movement speed of the Hero when worn.
  5. Ogre Mauler level 5. Ogre Warrior level 3 (2). One drops Periapt of Vitality: Increases the hit points of the Hero by 150 when worn.
  6. Ogre Lord level 7. Ogre Warrior level 3 (3). One drops Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +3: Increases the Strength of the Hero by 3 when worn. Another one drops Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points when used.


  • Ghoul
  • Necromancer
  • Abomination
  • Zombie

Lich Heroes:

  • Ras Frostwhisper
  • Araj the Summoner


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