Thrall finds himself in an underground lair, held prisoner by the murlocs and separated from his companions.



Thrall: I wonder what these strange fish-creatures want with us?

Headhunter: The Murlocs used to be peaceful, but lately they been catchin’ us and usin’ us for sacrifices.

Thrall: Sacrifices? To what?

Headhunter: A long time ago they started worshipin’ some witch. They say she lives under the ocean, and if they don’t make the sacrifices, she’ll destroy this island.

Thrall: Well, someone should have told them that orcs don’t scare that easily. Now, let’s get out of here!

Thrall casts chain lightning at the guards outside the prison.

Once you get control over Thrall, destroy the crates outside the prison. One of the crates contains a Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.


The Great Escape

  • Thrall must return to the surface


Leave None Behind!

  • Rescue 10 Prisoners

Just right of the prison, near the pit of red water, destroy the crates. One drops a Tome of Strength: Permanently increases Strength by +1.

Two murloc tiderunner level 1 (Underworld Minions) patrol back and forth from these two locations.

NOTICE – Thrall’s Far Sight spell is not available for use in underground caverns.

The mini map marks 10 yellow exclamation marks to display the location of each of the prisoners. The first one is south of the red water pit. Destroy the Dungeon Gate and walk near the Grunt. He will join your team.

Grunt: Throm-Ka Warchief!

In the image above, you can also notice a treasure chest in the next prison cell. Destroy the dungeon gate to claim it. However, a Ghost Spirit level 3 spawns to attack you.

The treasure chest contains a Ring of Protection +2: Increases the armor of the Hero by 2 when worn.

When you get near the third prison cell, a small event starts where two Alliance prisoners attack a grunt. You have to quickly destroy the Dungeon Gate, then kill the two Alliance footman, before they kill the grunt.

There is a Footman in the fourth prison cell, but you can ignore him, as he can’t harm your units. However, these provide 10-18 XP each, which eventually is helpful to level up.

There are two Murloc Tiderunner level 1 patrolling this area.

The image above shows 2 Prison Cells. The image below shows what’s inside. The one to the right has a Headhunter troll. The cell to the left has a Footman and a Rifleman. The Rifleman gives about 18XP, while the Footman only 10XP.

Headhunter: Tanks, mon. I thought I be dead for sure.

Next, there are two Murloc Flesheater level 3 guarding the Dungeon Gate to exit the prison. Kill them and destroy the Dungeon Gate afterwards. Each gives 15XP.

If you head north, you will encounter a Sludge Flinger level 3 (15XP) and two Sludge Minion level 1 (6XP each). They apply a slow debuff to your units.

Now head south. A small event starts automatically where the Dungeon Gate is opened. Two Murlocs stand guard. In the meantime, there is a Alliance prison break and they fight a bunch of murlocs.

Footman: This is our chance. Let’s make a break for it! Keep fighting men! We’re almost there!

Kill the 2 murloc tiderunners at the dungeon gate.

Now kill the Alliance soldiers and the murlocs. The Alliance and the murlocs won’t attack you for as long as any of both teams are still fighting.

Don’t leave the room just yet. Taking the image above as reference, head to the southeast from where Thrall is. In the corner, hidden, there is a treasure chest that contains a Scroll of Protection: Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around your Hero by 2 for 30 sec.

In this same room, on the top-left side, destroy the crates near the arch. The treasure chest contains a Scroll of Regeneration: Regenerates the hit points of all friendly non-mechanical units in an area around your Hero by 225 over 45 sec when used.

Go through the arch and into the red water. There are two skeleton archers here.

The red water is a bit confusing, you can’t just walk around to the west. From where the skeleton archers were — head northeast and go through the arch.

In this room, kill the two murloc tiderunner level 1, then destroy the Dungeon Gate to free these two grunts.

Grunt: I knew you’d find us Warchief!

Destroy the crate left of that prison cell. A treasure chest within contains a Potion of Greater Mana: Restores 300 mana when used.

Move north on the left side of the prison cell, but careful. All 4 Black Spider level 1 will aggro. If you go further inside that room, there are more of them that might aggro. If you pull one, only those four come.

North of those four are a Black Widow level 5 and two Black Spider level 1. Behind them are three Egg Sack. The level 5 does 25-32 damage and has 2 armor.

The level 5 Black Widow drops a Claws of Attack #6: Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 6 when worn.

Head to the east where you will encounter a few Alliance corpses.

Thrall: These humans must have put up a fight. Too bad it wasn’t enough.

After this comment, five Black Spider level 1 spawn from the north and the southeast.

Go east of those Alliance corpses to enter the next area.

South of the previous spot are two Salamander Hatchling level 3.

Now get into the red water to fight two Salamander Hatchlings level 3 and a Salamander level 5.

The Salamander level 5 drops a treasure chest that contains a Orb of Fire: Adds 5 bonus fire damage to the attack of a Hero when carried. The Hero’s attacks also become ranged when attacking air and do splash damage to nearby enemy units.

Before you leave this room, destroy the rock chunks to access this Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.

From that previous spot, shown above, go south. These rock chunks can be destroyed. There are two Mud Golem level 2. The other one is further southeast protecting that chokepoint. They cast Slow.

To the south, you will encounter a Murloc Huntsman level 2 and two Murloc Tiderunner level 1. Destroy the crate which has a treasure chest that contains a Scroll of Healing: Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used. Now destroy the Dungeon Gate to free the Shaman.

Shaman: I dedicate my power to the Horde!

Heading back where you came from, there is an arch that leads to the north. Kill the lonely Mud Golem level 2.

Up into that new room, there is a Rock Golem level 6 and a Mud Golem level 2. The Rock Golem drops a Scroll of Mana: Restores 100 mana to all friendly units in an area around your Hero.

As you head west of where the Rock Golem was, you will come across a blockade of boulders. A dialogue is triggered upon proximity.

Headhunter: Hey Chief-mon, it look like there be a passageway here. Maybe we find a way out?

Thrall: Let’s see if we can break through these boulders.

HINT – Some rocks may be destroyed.

Once a path through is cleared, destroy the Dungeon Gate to free two Headhunter trolls. Two murloc tidehunter level 1 will aggro from the other side of the bridge.

Headhunter: You come just in time.

On the other side of the bridge, there are two Gnoll level 1 by this campfire.

The next area is a bit packed with two Gnoll Warden level 3, and 3 Gnoll level 1. There are two visible treasure chests on the ground, guarded by them. After killing them all, loot the two treasure chests. One contains a Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used. The other one contains a Scroll of Healing: Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used.

Further southwest, there are two Gnoll level 1. Then further in view range, a Gnoll Warden level 3 and two Gnoll level 1. It is possible that another Gnoll level 1 a bit to the west aggros when the Grunts get too close. The other one doesn’t aggro. All of them are located in this pool of red water.

This pool of red water is sorta a crossroads. You can go to the north or to the south. Go north for the deadend. Beyond the arch, there is a Gnoll Gold Miser level 6 with a buff. He does 32-48 damage +4.

Command Aura: This unit is under the effects of Command Aura; it has increased attack damage.

The Gold Miser is surrounded by two Gnoll Warden level 3. Both of these minions are affected by the Command Aura, but they gain +3 damage.

The Gold Miser level 6 drops Hood of Cunning: Increases the Agility and Intelligence of the Hero by 4 when worn.

Heading south of the pool of red water leads to this area guarded by 5 Skeleton Archer level 1. All of them will aggro at once and range you.

Follow that path to the south until you find the red lake. You can walk through it. There are two Skeleton Archers and a Giant Skeleton Warrior level 3 Undead.

Further south, you leave the red water to encounter two Murloc Huntsman level 2.

This is another Prison area. You will find a Rifleman and a Shaman in these two prison cells.

Careful where you walk into after you free that Shaman. Head west, but circle around the north part of this statue to reach the last prison cell. Free the Headhunter troll and the two Grunts. You need them for what comes next.

Grunt: I believe we are no longer welcome in this place Warchief.


Leave None Behind!

Once these join your team, head south. There is a room full of Ghosts (Banshees). This room has a Tome Wraith level 5 Undead with 2 armor; and four Ghost level 3 Undead.

You can also see 4 tomes on the ground:

  • Tome of Strength +2: Permanently increases Strength.
  • Tome of Knowledge: Permanently increases Strength +1, Agility +1 and Intelligence +1.
  • Tome of Agility +2: Permanently increases Agility.
  • Tome of Intelligence +2: Permanently increases Intelligence.

Now move north toward the bridge. Here you find a Murloc Huntsman level 2.

As you go past the bridge into the next room, a cutscene plays automatically.


Grunt: Warchief, Sen’Jin was just taken away by the fish-creatures! I tried to stop them, but there were too many. They said he is to be sacrificed to their witch!

Thrall: Then we have no time to lose! Sen’Jin must be freed!

Shaman: Warchief, I sense a protective shield around the sorcerer. I believe these three fish-creatures are helping maintain it.

Murloc Sorcerer: Pathetic fools! You will not stop us from receiving what has been promised.

Note: The Murloc Sorcerer casts a fireball at Sen’Jin with a spear.

Thrall: Sen’Jin!

Murloc Sorcerer: Don’t despair. You’ll soon be joining him!

Thrall: Perhaps you and the witch can discuss it in the afterlife.


The Great Escape

  • Gut the Murloc Sorcerer before returning to the surface.

Before destroying the Dungeon Gate, destroy the crates to its right. Two drop a:

  • Scroll of Healing: Heals 150 hit points to all friendly non-mechanical units around the Hero when used.
  • Potion of Greater Healing: Heals 500 hit points when used.

Destroy the Dungeon Gate. This is going to be intense. There are three Murloc Guardian level 7 with 2 armor; two Huntsman level 2, and eight Murloc Tiderunner level 1.

Align your units in this pattern by the Dungeon Gate. Only leave one Headhunter in the front to lure the pack on the left into your waiting minions. Set the Headhunters into Hold Position.

All of the Murloc Tiderunners and the two Huntsman will aggro toward the gates. The Guardians might aggro but they will take long to get to you as the Dungeon Gate becomes a bottleneck that is blocked by all those enemy minions.

Once the three Murloc Guardian die, the protective shield blocking the path toward the Murloc Sorcerer is disabled.

Now kill the six Murloc Tiderunner level 1, and the Murloc High Sorcerer level 6.


Sen’Jin: The vision told me you would lead my people off this island.

Sen’Jin: You don’t have much time, young one. Go!

Thrall: But you and your people are coming with us!

Sen’Jin: It be too late. I’m already gone.

(Sen’Jin dies.)

Thrall: Those of you who wish to follow me will face many dangers. It will not be easy. But if you wish to join us, you’re welcome.

Headhunter: Yah, mon, pretty soon there be nothing left here anyway. We come with you.

Sea Witch: Make peace with your gods, land-dwellers! You cannot escape the currents of death so easily!

Grunt: Where is that voice coming from?

Thrall: I don’t know, but we have no time to waste. This cave is about to collapse!


  1. Grunt. Two Murloc Tiderunner level 1 patrol the area.
  2. Grunt.
  3. Two Murloc Tiderunner level 1 patrol. Headhunter. Footman and Rifleman.
  4. Murloc Flesheater level 3 (2). Dungeon Gate.
  5. Sludge Flinger level 3 and Sludge Minion level 1 (2).
  6. Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (2).
  7. Prison Break: Alliance vs Murlocs.
  8. Skeleton Archer level 1 (2).
  9. Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (2). Grunt (2).
  10. Black Widow level 5. Black Widow level 1 (5).
  11. Alliance corpses. Black Widow level 1 (5) spawn from the walls.
  12. Salamander Hatchling level 3 (2).
  13. Salamander level 5. Salamander Hatchling level 1 (2).
  14. Mud Golem level 2 (2).
  15. Murloc Huntsman level 2. Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (2). Shaman.
  16. Mud Golem level 2.
  17. Rock Golem level 6. Mud Golem level 2.
  18. Rock Chunks. Destroy the top 3 to open a path.
  19. Headhunter troll (2).
  20. Gnoll level 1 (2). Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (2).
  21. Gnoll Warden level 3 (2). Gnoll level 1 (3).
  22. Gnoll level 1 (2).
  23. Gnoll Warden level 3. Gnoll level 1 (4).
  24. Gnoll Gold Miser level 6. Gnoll Warden level 3 (2).
  25. Skeleton Archer level 1 (5).
  26. Skeleton Archer level 3 (2). Giant Skeleton Warrior level 3.
  27. Murloc Huntsman level 2 (2).
  28. Rifleman. Shaman.
  29. Grunt (2). Headhunter troll.
  30. Tome Wraith level 5. Ghost level 1 (4).
  31. Murloc Huntsman level 2.
  32. Murloc Guardian level 7 (3). Murloc Huntsman level 2 (2). Murloc Tiderunner level 1 (8).
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