Recent orc uprisings in southern Lordaeron have forced the Alliance to take decisive measures. To contain the orcish threat, King Terenas has sent two of the realm’s greatest paladins – his son, Prince Arthas, and the legendary Uther the Lightbringer – to deal with the orcs once and for all.



Uther: Welcome, Prince Arthas. The men and I are honored by your presence.

Arthas: Can the formalities, Uther. I’m not king yet. It’s good to see you.

Uther: You too, lad. I’m pleased that King Terenas sent you to help me.

Arthas: Father still hopes your patience and experience might rub off on me.

Uther: It is a father’s right to dream, isn’t it?

Arthas: Look, here’s where we stand. Our scouts have confirmed that there is an orc encampment hidden somewhere over the next ridge.

Uther: As I suspected…

Arthas: It gets worse. They’re preparing to attack the nearby village of Strahnbrad. As far as we know, the village is completely defenseless.

Uther: I need to move against the orcs’ base immediately. Can you handle Strahnbrad’s defense on your own?

Arthas: Of course, Uther. Don’t worry about me.

Uther: Good. Meet me at the orc camp once you’ve saved the village. Be careful, Arthas.


Defend Strahnbrad

  • Travel to Strahnbrad
  • Arthas must survive


At the start, you are provided 4 Footman and Arthas.


Strahnbrad is marked in the mini map as a green exclamation mark surrounded by a glowing green circle.

Destroy the crate located near the two tents to your left. It contains a Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used.

NEW UNIT ACQUIRED – Footman – Footmen are versatile soldiers equipped for melee combat.

HINT – Use Holy Light to heal wounded units.

Another crate next to a tent a bit to the south drops a Scroll of Protection: Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around your Hero by 2 for 30 sec.

Go south to the bottom-left corner of the mini map. You will find two villagers named: Garth and Thornby. Thornby has a yellow exclamation mark above his head. When Arthas comes near him, he will say: “We’ll fight for Lordaeron. Get your swords.” They transform into Footman to join your team as new units.

Further south, Alicia has a yellow quest mark on her head, and provides a quest for you.

Alicia: Please, you’re my only hope! A group of gnolls kidnapped my little Timmy and took him to their hideout in the forest. Could you find him and bring him home?


Save Timmy

  • Slay the Gnoll kidnappers

Take the road east to find the Gnoll camp. Get close to the cage to save Timmy.

Little Timmy: Help! Help me, please. I’m trapped in the cage.

When you kill the three Gnolls level 1, one of them drops Potion of Healing: Heals 250 hit points when used.

Little Timmy: Please get me out of here. I want to go home.

Note: Attack the cage to break it. Little Timmy spawns free.

The screen goes black for a second, then shows Alicia behind you.

Alicia: Oh, thanks so much! I have a reward for you.

Note: She rewards you with Ring of Protection +1: Increases the armor of the Hero by 1 when worn.


Note: Head back north to the main road. Once there, go north of the road, up the hill. You will find Benedict with a yellow quest mark to give you a quest.

Benedict: Save us!

However, it is a trap and you are attacked by Syndicate bandits.

Footman: It’s a trap!

Benedict: Take everything men. Take all the valuables.

Note: Go back to the road, and head east. A new quest automatically plays upon proximity.

Gerard: Help! Bandits are stealing our belongings!

Menag: Heh! We’ll take their coin just like everyone else’s!

Gerard: Those bandits stole my ledger. Without it, I will lose my entire farm! Please, retrieve it from their camp! It would mean so much to us.

HINT – Enemies can hide within the cloak of night, and will only be revealed when they attack… tread carefully.


Bandit Lord

  • Slay Menag, the Bandit Lord
  • Return Ledger to Gerard

Go east along the path, and go into the river toward the south. You will encounter 3 Syndicate bandits.

Further south you will fight 2 Syndicate bandits and Menag the Bandit Lord.

Menag: Say your prayers!

One of the bandits drops Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.

Menag drops Gerard’s Lost Ledger: The Ledger looks to be full of borin facts and figures.


Bandit Lord

  • Slay Menag, the Bandit Lord (Completed)
  • Return the Ledger to Gerard.

Gerard: Thank you for helping me. Please, take this item.


NEW ITEM RECEIVED – Tome of Strength +1

Note: That tome is a permanent increase of Strength by 1. No inventory space as it is consumed automatically.

Now go through the bridge and head north. As Arthas approaches the gates of Strahnbrad, two Blackrock Clan grunts slay a villager that attempted to flee.

Arthas: Damn! The attack has already begun! To arms, my brothers!


  • Travel to Strahnbrad (Completed)
  • Defeat the Slave Master and his guards
  • Arthas must survive

A Blackrock rider and a few grunts spawn to chase and kill some villagers. Kill the orcs.

Turn to the left of the entrance to find 3 footman. Two Blackrock grunts spawn to attack them. Help them, and the footman join your team.

Head straight north of the fountain to a dead end. A house will come crashing down and two Blackrock grunts and villagers spawn.

Now destroy these crates to loot a Potion of Mana: Restores 150 mana when used.


Slave Master: Haul these wretches off with the rest of them!

Grunt: Move ’em out!

Note: Now you are ready to complete the mission by killing the Slave Master located where the green exclamation mark is shown in the mini map.


Defeat the Slave Master


Sylvia: Bless you, Prince Arthas!

Daniel: But what abouot the others who were taken away?

Arthas: Don’t worry, son. We’ll find them and bring them home safe.

Knight: Prince Arthas, Lord Uther needs you at the orc encampment immediately!

Arthas: Never a dull moment… Let’s get moving!


  • Farmer Jerrett — Greetings, friend.
  • Stephanie — Greetings, Milord.
  • Blake (child)
  • Ryan (child)
  • Maria
  • Benedict
  • Jeremy
  • Farmer Ted – Welcome to our village.
  • Garth
  • Thornby – We will fight for Lordaeron. Get your swords.
  • Amy Diane
  • Alicia
  • Garrett (child)
  • James (child)
  • Andrew (child)
  • Logan (child)
  • Steven (child)
  • Gerard
  • Matilda
  • Menag (Bandit)
  • Scott
  • Mike
  • Joe


Only seen when you type “iseedeadpeople” — atop this mountain there is a mysterious plume of smoke coming out of the ground. Unknown what for.

If you stay idle at the Strahnbrad graveyard, sometimes you will notice green mist swirling about random locations near the tombs for a few seconds.

Eventually a ghost named Dean spawns. This is the spirit of the guy that was fleeing and the Blackrock grunts kill at the gates of Strahnbrad, earlier. Dean ghost usually spawns past midnight. He disappears right after the rooster sings (6:00am). At random, next time it might be Dean, another ghost, and a sheep ghost. Only if you have killed sheep in this map, or let the Blackrock grunts or rider kill other villagers.

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5. Riders on the Storm6. The Fires Down Below7. Countdown to Extinction
1. Cinematic: The Warning2. The Defense of Strahnbrad3. Blackrock & Roll4. Interlude: Jaina's Meeting
5. Ravages of the Plague6. The Cult of the Damned7. March of the Scourge8. Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet
9. The Culling10. Interlude: Divergent Courses11. The Shores of Northrend12. Dissension
13. Frostmourne14. Cinematic: Arthas' Betrayal
undead campaign
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5. The Fall of Silvermoon6. Blackrock & Roll, Too!7. The Siege of Dalaran8. Under the Burning Sky
9. Cinematic: The Destruction of Dalaran
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2. The Long March3. Cry of the Warsong4. The Spirits of Ashenvale
5. The Hunter of Shadows6. Where Wind Riders Dare7. The Oracle8. By Demons Be Driven
Night Elves Campaign
1. Enemies at the Gate2. Daughters of the Moon3. The Awakening of Stormrage4. The Druids Arise
5. Brothers in Blood

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