Seska Seafang: Throm’ka, (class). My name is Seska. I represent a… trading company. As you can see, I’ve fallen victim to these giants and their naga allies. Three of my associates were also captured while surveying this cove. I’m certain that my employer, Mr. Shackle, would be most grateful if you could procure their release.



Quest Objectives

Free Cleave Thunderhill, Gentle Rosh, and Grace the Green.



Seska Seafang: I’m taking this opportunity to leave. I’ll tell Mr. Shackle to expect you.

Grace the Green: I’ve been in there for days. Thank you, (class). I have got to go, if you know what I mean!

Cleave Thunderhill: I’m right over here. Just watch out for the giant! Heyo! You… YOU! I owe you, I better get out fo here.

Hatecoil Slavemaster: If we didn’t want the support of these giants, I’d kill you where you stand.

Gentle Rosh: You come open door. Gentle Rosh not crush you. Gentle Rosh will leave.

Mr. Shackle: Welcome to our humble place of business, traveler. Don’t think of us as smugglers. Instead, refer to us as professional salvors. We are salvage experts. We specialize in flotsam, jetsam, lagan, derelicts, and of course, exotic archeological recovery. Oh, and by the way, you might want to steer clear of the temple area to the south. I have my men investigating some salvage opportunities and I wouldn’t want you to be confused for a competitor.

NOTE: Completing this quest unlocks a new flightmaster in Azsuna — near Oceanus Cove. The three NPCs you rescue: Grace the Green (new Flightmaster), Cleave Thunderhill (Food, Drink and Trade vendor), and Gentle Rosh (Innkeeper).



Mr. Shackle: Excellent, my good sir. I cannot thank you enough for the freedom of my people. rosh is especially appreciative. Perhaps you and I can do some more business together.


A Favor for Mr. Shackle


1. Paradise Lost6. Scythe of Souls
2. Down to Azsuna7. From Within
3. Into the Fray8. Fel Machinations
4. Reignite the Wards9. Saving Stellagosa
5. Demon Souls10. Dark Revelations
11. Journey to the Repose20. Runas Knows the Way
12. Death of the Eldest21. The Hunger Returns
13. Agapanthus22. You Scratch my Back
14. Their Dying Breaths23. The Nightborne Prince
15. The Last of the Last24. Still Alive
16. The Withered25. On the Brink
17. The Consumed26. Feasting on the Dragon
18. Stellagosa27. Cursed to Wither
19. Runas the Shamed28. Hunger's End
29. Those Who Remember40. The Haunted Halls
30. They Came from the Sea41. Wanding 101
31. Prince Farondis42. Study Hall: Combat Research
32. Our Very Bones43. Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing
33. Bottled Up44. Headmistress' Key
34. Trailing the Tidestone45. The Tidestone Shattered
35. Nar'thalas Still Suffers46. Save Yourself
36. The Walk of Shame47. The Head of the Snake
37. Into the Academy48. Wrath of Azshara
38. Dressing with Class49. The Tidestone of Golganneth
39. Hit the Books
**Not needed for achievement -- Kirin Tor
50. Children of Nar'thalas
51. You Never Know Until You Scry
52. Back from the Dead
53. The Magister of Mixology
54. Presentation is Everything
55. A Rather Long Walk
. Infiltrating Shipwreck Arena
. Boss Whalebelly's in Charge
. No Time for Tryouts
. Let Sleeping Giants Lie
. Sternfathom's Champion
. Morale Booster
. Round 1. Fight!
. The Right Weapon for the Job
. The Prince is Going Down
**Ma'krana and the Fate of the Queen's Reprisal - Unlocks new Flightmaster
. A Favor for Mr. Shackle
. Maritime Law
. The Captain's Foot Locker
. Fate of the Queen's Reprisal
. Shipwrecked Sailors
. Making the World Safe for Profit
**Quests not part of zone achievement
. Missing Demon
. Let's Make a Deal
. Minion! Kill Them!
. This is my Contract
. Felblaze Ingress
. Eye See You
. They are doing it Wrong

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