Foiling the Legion’s Jailbreak | Patch 7.3

Grand Artificer Romuul: High Inquisitor Raalgar has some connection to the fel here on Argus that makes him unkillable. Long ago, the naaru imprisoned him on the Arcatraz.

When the forces of Kael’thas Sunstrider attacked the citadel, we were forced to flee on the Exodar.

Some Legion prisoners escaped the Arcatraz when last the Legion invaded Azeroth, but Raalgar did not. Stop them from freeing him and I will study the source of his immortality so it can be broken.

I can get you close. The rest is up to you.



Find High Inquisitor Raalgar before the Legion frees him.

Foiling the Legion's Jailbreak



Note: Talk to Grand Artificer Romuul again to start the Arcatraz scenario.

(I am ready to go to the Arcatraz.)

Grand Artificer Romuul: High Inquisitor Raalgar was imprisoned deep inside the Arcatraz. The Legion is already here, so be careful!


Note: Close the first portal at the second room of Arcatraz.


Close Legion portals: 1/2

Felshadow Seeker: Make quick work of this intruder. Lah’zaruun needs time to get the High Inquisitor to Argus!

Felshadow Seeker: Ah, the hero comes too late. Our mistress will have freed the High Inquisitor by now.

Houndmaster: Your world will be purged!


Location: Stasis Block: Trion

Houndmaster: I am of Argus, the mightiest world in all of the Great Dark.

Felshadow Seeker: Zereketh’s void magic still lingers here.

Felshadow Seeker: Here’s a small taste of my fel magic.

Close Legion portals: 2/2


As the portal closes, a sealed door opens further into the Arcatraz.

Felshadow Seeker: It’s very dangerous, sisters. Maintain control!

Felshadow Seeker: Wither before my might!

Felshadow Seeker: All of the power in this place now belongs to the Legion.

Houndmaster: Your world will be purged!


Location: Stasis Block: Maximus

High Inquisitor Raalgar found: 1/1


High Inquisitor Raalgar: I am free!


Lah’zaruun: Hurry, High Inquisitor! The enemy is upon us!

High Inquisitor Raalgar: Lah’zaruun, my loyal servant. Stay here and kill these fools. I have much to do.

Lah’zaruun: It will be done, High Inquisitor! Seekers, cover the High Inquisitor’s departure. I will deal with this interruption! Your invasion of Argus will fail! High Inquisitor Raalgar will see to that.


Lah’zaruun: A futile effort, worm! Minions! To me!

Grand Artificer Romuul: The Legion is still only moments ahead of us. Take the portal back here and I will figure out where the Inquisitor has gone!



Grand Artificer Romuul: You did your best, (name), but the demons won this round.

It won’t take Raalgar long to gather his power to attack us. But I have learned the source of his immortality while you were gone!


Foiling the Legion’s Jailbreak


Argus Zones


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