Illidan Stormrage: The Army of the Light will not have fallen in vain.

Our forces will assault the main encampment while we destroy their siege weapon.

This will be but the beginning of our vengeance.



Destroy the siege weapon at the Crown of Destruction.



Prophet Velen: Let us destroy this foul machine while we still have the chance.

Illidan Stormrage: There are no guards this close to their weapon? Something is wrong. This is no mere siege weapon…

Prophet Velen: By the Light… We must stand together. For Azeroth!

NOTE: Stay within Velen’s golden protective dome. Any players outside that bubble get killed quick due to Anten Light-Breaker’s massive AOE damage within 60 yards.


Prophet Velen: Hold fast, (name). The goliath wavers!

Illidan Stormrage: Look out! Whatever that thing was, I doubt that was the only one in Sargeras’ arsenal. Soon the entire Legion will descend upon us.

Prophet Velen: We will hold our ground. I only pray there are survivors among the Army of the Light.



Prophet Velen: It seems we underestimated the Legion’s cunning.




Argus Zones

0. Whispers of a Frightened World
1. The Hand of Fate3. Light's Exodus
2. Two if by Sea4. The Vindicaar
5. Into the Night * 8. Overwhelming Power
6. Alone in the Abyss9. A Stranger's Plea
7. Righteous Fury10. Vengeance
11. Signs of Resistance13. Rendezvous
12. The Prophet's Gambit (Turalyon)14. From Darkness
15. Threat Reduction17. A Strike at the Heart (Alleria)
16. Prisoners No More
18. Return to the Vindicaar (Arator the Redeemer)20. Gathering Light
19. A Moment of Respite
21. Crystals Not Included25. Locating the Longshot
22. A Grim Equation26. Bringing the Big Guns
23. The Best Prevention27. Lightly Roasted
24. Fire at Will
28. The Light Mother29. Light's Return
30. The Child of Light and Shadow * 33. The Vindicaar Matrix Core
31. Essence of the Light Mother34. An Offering of Light
32. The Burning Heart35. The Speaker Calls
34. Visions of Torment35. Dire News
36. Storm the Citadel
37. Scars of the Past41. Heralds of Apocalypse
38. Preventive Measures42. A Touch of Fel
39. Chaos Theory43. Dawn of Justice
40. Dark Machinations44. Lord of the Spire
45. Forming a Bond
46. A Argus Roper48. Duskcloak Problem
47. Strike Back49. Woah, Nelly!
50. The Mysterious Missive53. Foiling the Legion's Jailbreak (Arcatraz scenario)
51. Intercepting the Legion's Plans54. Long Overdue
52. Imprisoned Inquisitor
55. Where they least expect it (Illidan)
56. Invasion Point Offensive (Illidan)
PATCH 7.3.2
The Speaker Listens
Visions of Fear
The Speaker Seeks
Visions of Another
The Burning Throne
The Death of a Titan

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